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FFExtreme.com Has Finally Returned!

After months of work, FFExtreme is finally back in action with a modern take on its original 2005 “version 5” design, a much larger content roster, the reopening of its forums, and is now powered by the popular CMS, WordPress. This brand new start allows for more interactive features and offers a far more accessible platform for continuous updates.

Project Phoenix Down was started way back in late 2016 after site’s recent acquisition by a former 2003 staff member (myself). For years the site’s content wasn’t updated and the once thriving community had long left even before the closure of the old forums in 2010. The goal of this project was to modernize FFExtreme and give it a strong fighting chance of returning to the glory that it once had.

A lot of hard work went into sourcing/creating content as well as developing custom plugins for the CMS to provide many iconic fan site features (e.g. forums integration, site updates, game section menus, reviews, and more)… –

But this isn’t the end

The project is far from complete; Truth be told, this is more of a public beta as there’s still plenty more work to be done. To make this release happen, I needed to delay some walkthroughs and extensive content sections. Hell, even the implementation of our download library has been delayed while we figure out how to properly bring them back on this new system!

The success of this rebirth can’t be done alone and so… –

I need your help

FFExtreme needs to build up an enthusiastic volunteer staff to help populate it with new content, improve existing content, and to kickstart the community. While an unpaid job initially, I am actively exploring options to compensate for work done as we grow. If you’re interested in learning more or know someone else who might be, please check out the volunteer section. Every little bit of effort helps, even if it’s just two news posts a month.

If you’re not interested in a staff position, participating in our community is more than enough. Membership is 100% FREE AND logged in users see less ads! I can’t emphasis enough how important and appreciated your participation is. So, I hope see you there!

The future is bright

As said plenty of times already, the work isn’t over. More interactive features will slowly pop up over the upcoming months for members to take advantage of; Like user submitted game reviews, game following, sharing fan art, discovering Twitch streams, and more. FFE’s game coverage (including brand new Final Fantasy VII: Remake) will continue to be expanded on with reviews, guide content, and walkthroughs. Final Fantasy isn’t going away any time soon and neither is FFExtreme.

And finally, thank you for your continued support and welcome to the new beginnings of this historic Square Enix fan site!

Psst… A bonus for FFE veterans: Remember this website design? What a blast from the early 2000’s past!

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