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FFXV, Terra Wars Collaboration Patch

I got up today to notice a new patch had downloaded for FFXV. I had nearly forgotten that a free patch was being added to promote the upcoming mobile game Terra Wars and the new Tomb Raider game.

Terra Wars is being developed by Mistwalker, a team of Ex-Square Enix developers. The company is now working alongside SE to develop the upcoming mobile game. Square Enix had added a crossover quest with Noctis and Sarah, a protagonist from Terra Wars, who get pulled into another world. The quest can be accessed in Chapter 5.

As for the other patch content? If you’re playing the multiplayer section of FFXV called Comrades, players will get to rock out in Lara Croft’s outfit from Tomb Raider. There’s also an Alienware styled shield you can pick up.

Personally? I won’t be chasing the shield down. I’ll be hitting up that spiffy looking new quest though.

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