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Final Fantasy Coming to Switch

This past week’s Nintendo Direct announced  a bunch of Final Fantasy ports, many of which have never been on a Nintendo console.  The Final Fantasy games coming to Switch are:

– Final Fantasy VII

– Final Fantasy IX

– Final Fantasy X & X-2

– Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

– Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

-World of Final Fantasy Maxima

I’m curious how large the supplemental downloads will be if the main line games receive a physical release.  I’d like to revisit some of the older Final Fantasy’s, especially Final Fantasy XII.  I never gave that one much of a chance.  I’ve also never played Crystal Chronicles, was it any good?

What’s curious, though, is the absence of Final Fantasy VIII.  I wonder why they’re porting all of the main Playstation era games except VIII.  There are a lot of divisive opinions on that entry in the series but I always liked it.  There are some glaring plot-holes and some corny ex-machinas used to flesh out character relationships, but I enjoyed the battle system and the game has some of the best music of the series.

Is anyone else looking forward to replaying some of these big Final Fantasy titles on the Switch?

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