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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

More remastered stuff! Apparently, Square Enix is delving a bit further into the remastered business. Shortly after I posted the news about The Last Remnant getting a remastered version, I was able to find out that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is also getting the same treatment.

When I say Crystal Chronicles, I mean the very first one that graced Nintendo Gamecube with its presence back in 2003 in Japan and 2004 in other regions. It also marked the first time a Final Fantasy title was released on a Nintendo console for nearly a decade, the last being Final Fantasy VI (III in the U.S.)

Crystal Chronicles is an action RPG. You play as young heroes who travel the world, powering the crystals to protect the world from a poisonous force known as Miasma. You get to create your own adventurer, choosing from the 4 races they have available. The game consists of hack and slash combat, and back in the day multiplayer was handled with extra controllers or a Gameboy Advanced. Luckily, the coming remaster is going to come with online functionality.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in 2019 to all regions. English releases will be available as digital downloads only. It’s still in development, so once a solid release date is confirmed I’ll update this post.

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