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Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade Available Now for PS5

An upgraded Final Fantasy VII: Remake experience, called Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade, releases today on PlayStation 5! As a rerelease of the PS4 game, this version offers what the original did plus improved visuals (higher resolution textures, improved lighting, etc), Normal difficulty for Classic mode (instead of the original Easy only limitation), a new Photo mode to capture moments in game similar to other recent titles (panning the scene, effects, etc), much faster loading times, and a new series of side missions featuring Yuffie.

Owners of the PS4 version (digital or physical*) of the game can get a free upgrade to this Intergrade version on their PS5, while PS Plus members that downloaded the game for free are not eligible for this upgrade promotion and would need to buy the full PS5 game at $69.99. *Further, if you own the physical copy of the PS4 version but have a digital-only PlayStation 5 console, you won’t be able to upgrade either.

Note: the upgraded version doesn’t include the Yuffie side missions but this can be purchased as a $19.99 DLC from the PS Store. The full retail purchase does include these missions.


Wuzimu says:

I’ve yet to play the dlc, but finally balancing my time haha! Now gotta catch up on the news!

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