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Final Fantasy VII to be on Playstation “Classic” Console

Following in the footsteps of Nintendo, Sony has announced that it will be releasing a scaled down version of its original console that includes some of fans’ favorite games.  The console will include twenty games, anchored with Final Fantasy VII.  Although the whole library has not been revealed yet,  Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, and Jumping Flash have also been announced.  I’m looking forward to see which other titles will be announced, any ones you guys are hoping for?

The console is to be released this December and will also include two of the original PSX controllers.  These are the ORIGINAL controllers, meaning there are no analog sticks.  I haven’t played any of these games without analog support and I’m not sure how that will translate…

But do I really need to play FFVII again? …. Yeah, probably.


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