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Kingdom Hearts III Playable Demo will be at Gamescom

Square Enix has recently announced their demo lineup for Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany.

KH3 will be one of the featured playable demos at the event, which begins August 21st and ends on August 25th. On top of the playable content there will be an added bonus for attendees.

Square Enix’s statement is as follows:

Gamescom attendees are invited to share the magic of KINGDOM HEARTS III with two playable demos, a boss battle against the Rock Titan from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Hercules and uncovering the Toy Box world from Toy Story alongside Woody and Buzz. Visitors can also take part in prime picture opportunities including a giant Keyblade and becoming a real life toy in a replica of Andy’s room from the Disney•Pixar classic Toy Story.

Kingdom Hearts III is available for pre-order for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  1. Nanaki 1 year ago

    If only I could attend! Ugh, still so much time until the NA release...

    My last KH game was KH2. So, this will be quite the nostalgia trip within a new game.

  2. Wuzimu 1 year ago

    Good on you man. Myself like everyone else has become obsessed with playing anything related to KH, all the money wasted haha!

  3. Nell 1 year ago

    i actually had a chance to play the KH3 demo while I was at AX last month!!! i really really enjoyed it, though it was fairly short (fifteen minutes, i believe?) and very limited in what you could do. two worlds, one of them placing you right at the start and the other dropping you into the final boss battle with no context (or so the rep told me) haha. it was admittedly very floaty, and i got extremely lost during that final boss battle, but it was a lot of fun!!! 

    granted, there's no promise it'll be the same demo, but the rep i spoke to said that those particular scenes were the two being shown for demo's because they were from worlds that were 99% complete. but still! if anyone has the chance to go and play it, i hope you enjoyed it!! i about cried when they told me to get in the line but i'm a big baby haha

  4. jayjaydimson 1 year ago

    Ohh really good to know to thank you for the information, I will make an order as soon as possible so I can play that game now on my X-box One.

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