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PlayStation 5 Reveal Update

Sony has posted an update on their official PlayStation blog indicating updated reveal date for the PS5.


Sony will unveil the PS5 tomorrow at approximately 1PM Pacific Time (4PM Eastern Time) on their YouTube and Twitch channels.


To read the updated press release click here.


  1. Nanaki 4 weeks ago

    So excited! PS4 has surprisingly been my most played console in like a decade, despite only having it since March. So, I guess I'm a PS fanboy again. lol

    Real time raytracing is definitely making this upcoming console generation a significant graphical jump, so it'll be neat to see how PS5 handles it.

  2. Wuzimu 4 weeks ago

    I just wanna see FF7 remake on the PS5 hopefully they feature that! Approximately 38 minutes left! 👍

  3. Nanaki 3 weeks ago

    I'd assume that they could also increase poly count and texture resolution on existing assets too. Unlike much older games, a lot of these assets are build from higher quality ones, scaled down either manually or via game engine (like Unreal). Could make FF7 Remake even more pretty besides the advanced lighting but it is crazy how much just better lighting greatly affects realism.

  4. Saturnus 3 weeks ago

    The PS5's design is... odd. Especially the regular version, as it loses the symmetry of the digital only one.

  5. Nanaki 3 weeks ago

    Yeah, and it feels like console makers think too much about making an art piece presentation than a practical box to go with all the other boxes under your TV lol.

  6. Saturnus 3 weeks ago

    Is this the first console that requires a stand just to be used horizontally? No idea why they didn't make at least one side of the PS5 flat.

  7. PlatonicNerd 3 weeks ago

    But how much is it going to be?  😭

  8. Saturnus 3 weeks ago

    I'm expecting around $500 for the regular version, maybe $400-450 for digital. Kinda dumb that there isn't a price (or release date) for both the PS5 and Series X yet. 

  9. PlatonicNerd 2 weeks ago

    I'm so excited it will be backwards compatible

  10. PlatonicNerd 17 hours ago

    #ps5 😂


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