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Name Cost Location Effect
??? 0 Win in battle Does nothing
Antidote 200 Shop’s Casts Anti1 on caster
Bacchus 600 Win from Gotus Casts Drink on caster
B.Mask 0 BMask Cave One of three items which open Mysidia Tower
Canoe 0 From Minh Lets you go on rivers & lakes
Cottage 5000 Shop’s Completely recovers HP and MP of party on world map
Crucifix 1000 Shop’s Casts Cross on caster
CrystRod 0 Mysidia Cave One of three items which open Mysidia Tower
DeathGod 8000 BMask Cave Casts Fear10 on all enemies
DrgnBean 600 Dist Cave, Pandemonium Casts Mist16 on all enemies
EarthDrm 8000 Buy in Bmask City Casts Quake1 on all enemies.  Can be used several times.
EchoScn 2000 Shop’s Casts Hammr on caster
Egg 0 From Dragon Hatches a baby Dragon
Eggtimer 600 Mysidia Tower, Paramekia Casts Stop8 on all enemies. (Can be used several times).
EgilTrch 0 Kashuon Holds the SunFlame
ElderIQ 10000 Dist Castle, Dist Cave, Pandemonium Casts Abil0 on caster (for Intelligence)
Elixir 50000 Shop’s Recovers a great amount of HP and MP
Ether 2500 Shop’s Casts Ether on caster
EyeDrop 100 Shop’s Casts EyeD1 on caster
Fang 1000 Phin Basement, Jade Casts Chrm16 on all enemies
FenixDn 5000 Buy Casts Revi1 on caster
Garlic 100 From Josef, BMask Cave, Paramekia Casts Glic3 on all enemies
G. Bell 0 Ice Cave Opens the gates of Kashuon
G.Needle 2500 Buy Casts Needle on caster
Heart 10000 Dist Castle, Dist Cave, Paramekia Casts Abil0 on caster (for Soul)
Hellfire 300 Paramekia,  Jade (two), Pandemonium Casts Fire5 on all enemies
Hiryuu 0 Phin Castle Casts Fire7 on all enemies when used as an item in combat.   Can be used infinite times.
IceScyth 500 Minh Casts Shel16 on caster
Ice Sled 0 Semite Cave Lets you go on the snow field
IceWind 1000 Ice Cave, Jade Casts Ice16 on all enemies
MaidKiss 2500 Buy Casts Kiss1 on caster
Mirror 1000 Dist Cave Casts Wall16 on caster
Mithril 0 Semite Cave Lets Tobul make Mithril equipment
Pass 0 Bofsk Sewer Lets you on the Warship
Pendant 0 Dist Cave Gains the Dragon’s trust
Phin 0 Win in battle Casts Hammr on caster
Potion 50 Shop’s Casts Cure1 on caster
Ring 0 From Scott Show it to Hilda to get the Canoe, it also lets you use the world map.
Shoes 800 Mysidia Tower Casts Hast8 on caster
SilentB 3000 Mysidia Cave Casts Mute16 on all enemies
SunFlame 0 Kashuon Blows up the Warship
Thread 500 Phin Basement Casts Slow9 on all enemies
Unicorn 1000 Dist Cave Casts Peep16 on all allies
Valium 800 Paramekia Casts Slep16 on all enemies
WindFlut 8000 Whirlwind, Paramekia Casts Tnad13 on all enemies. (Can be used several times).
W.Mask 0 Phin Basement One of three items which open Mysidia Tower
XPotion 500 Shop’s Casts Cure3 on caster