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Magic Items

Name Location Effect
Abil From ElderIQ or Heart Raises one ability for the duration of the battle
Anti1 From Antidote Cures Poison
Cross From Crucifix Cures Curse
Drink From Bacchus Raises attack for the duration of the battle
Elixir From Elixir Recovers a lot of HP and MP
Ether From Ether Recovers some MP
EyeD From EyeDrop Cures Dark
Glic From Garlic Damages enemies
Hammr From EchoScn or Phin Cures Dumb
Kiss From MaidKiss Cures Frog
Mist From DrgnBean Damages enemies
Needle From G.Needle Cures Stone
Revi From FenixDn Cures Death
Tnad From WindFlut Hits for wind damage
Quake From EarthDrm Hits for earth damage