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FFE GIVEAWAY! A Chance at Winning 1 of 5 Physical Copies of Final Fantasy VII: Remake!

As a (belated) celebration for Final Fantasy Extreme’s return, we’re holding a giveaway / contest awarding prizes to five (5) forum members. No purchase is needed, you just need to register a FREE account with FFExtreme to be eligible to win. This is exclusively a community building effort in hopes of bringing back the more personalize, cozy atmosphere that fan sites are known for!

Enter now


  • The top 3 contributors on our Forums for the next 30 days will have the choice of one (1) physical copy of Final Fantasy VII: Remake (regular version for PS4) OR one (1) $60 USD PS Store digital code. Winners will be determined by our forums’ Leaderboard feature.
    Due to placements not exclusive to post counts, we’ve created a new leaderboard.
  • Two randomly chosen FFExtreme members in the next 30 days will have the choice of one (1) physical copy of Final Fantasy VII: Remake (regular version for PS4) OR one (1) $60 USD PS Store digital code. We’ll use a random number generator to pick the winners for this.

How to Enter / Win

  • Sign up for an account. (Check our privacy policy for how we use this data).
  • To be one of the top three contributors: Post on the forums, get reputation, and participate in our community to increase contribution numbers.
  • For a chance to be randomly selected: Sign up and create at least 5 posts on the the forums, either as topics or replies. No competition for this one, just luck.
  • Check back during the first week of June 2020 to see the results.

Rules & Terms (Important!!!)

  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to receive a prize.
  • Spamming or other malicious actions that violate our community rules will disqualify a member from this giveaway / contest and may even result in a ban.
  • Absolutely no purchase is needed nor accepted for this giveaway and no monetary contributions will affect a member’s chances to win.
  • The prize, taxes, and shipping costs are paid for in their entirety by FFExtreme.
  • You must live in a jurisdiction (country, state, county, etc) that allows you to receive the prize.
  • Eligibility starts on the date of this announcement and ends on June 15th 2020 at 12:00 AM PST (UTC/GMT -8:00 hours).
  • Winners will be notified within the week after this giveaway / contest has ended, via website and forum announcements and through email and private message.
  • One prize per individual. If an individual is selected more than once (e.g. is a top contributor and is also randomly selected), the additional prizes will be redistributed to other members either at the following placement on the leaderboard or randomly.
  • If a winner does not claim their prize within a week after being notified, we reserve the right to forfeit their claim on the prize. We may choose another eligible member to receive their prize (which will have an additional week to claim it after being notified) or return the prize to our marketing funds for future use.
  • Mailing addresses collected by winners will only be used to ship their prizes to them, unless they choose the $60 USD PS Store digital code (which requires no shipping). These addresses are collected directly and privately, in the notification of their win.
  • In the event the website is unavailable for a long duration, we may extend the deadline of the giveaway / contest to compensate. For example, if the site was offline for a day, we may move the deadline to an additional day (from June 1st to June 2nd).
  • Total value of prizes being offered are at least $300 USD, excluding shipping and tax costs (which are still covered by FFExtreme and not by the winners).
  • We require at least 50 participants to guarantee a prize draw as advertised. If there’s less than 50, we reserve the right to award less prizes.


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