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Quest Items

Name Cost Location Effect
Lute 0 Get it from the Princess Unlock the lower levels in the Temple of Fiends
Crown 0 In the Marsh Dungeon Make Astos Fight you.
Crystal 0 Defeat Astos Trade for the Herb.
Herb 0 Give the Crystal to Matoya the witch Awaken the prince for the Key.
Key 0 Use the herb on the Prince to wake him up Open the Chest in Coneria Castle to get TNT
TNT 0 Use the key in the Coneria Castle Blow open a canal to go to the rest of the world.
Ruby 0 Vampire has it in the Earth Cave Give it to the Titan in the cave to get to Sarda
Rod 0 Receive it from Sarda Gain access to the lower levels of the Earth Cave
Floater 0 Found in the Ice Cave Use in the south desert to raise the Airship
Tail 0 Found in the Castle of Ordeal Give to Bahamut to transform your classes
Bottle 0 Buy it for 50,000 at the Oasis Release the fairy to gain Oxyale
Oxyale 0 Go to Gaia when you release the Fairy and speak with her Gain access to the Sea Shrine
Slab 0 Find it in the Sunken Shrine Give it to Dr. Unne to learn Lefeinish
Chime 0 Receive it from a man in Lefein Gain access to the Mirage Tower
Cube 0 Found at the waterfall Gain access to the Sky Castle
Adamant 0 5th floor of the Sky Castle Give it to a Dwarf to create Xcalber

Usable Items

Name Cost Location Effect
Heal 60 shop Recover 30 hp
Pure 75 shop Recover from poison
Soft 800 shop Recover from stone
Tent 75 shop Save game, recover some life and magic charges
Cabin 250 shop Save game, recover more life, magic charges
House 3000 shop Save game, recover even more life, magic charges, possible bug.