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On Foot

This is what you will be most of the time. It is the slowest way of moving around, but you will have to stick with it. However, being on foot does not let you access all the places… for example, you can’t walk over mountains… You will also encounter lots of random enemies while walking.

The ship

You get it quite early in the game. It is a lot faster than walking and it will let you go to many different places. You will still meet sea monsters in your way.

The Canoe

After you beat the first fiend you will get the canoe from the circle of sages. The canoe will only let you move in and across rivers, but that is enough to access other places and dungeons… You will still meet the monsters that live in rivers.

The Airship

This is the ultimate way of moving around. A legend says that there is still one airship left in the world, and it is buried under the desert. Once you get the floater you manage to raise the airship and it is yours to use. It is the fastest way of moving around and you will not encounter enemies while in it. However, you can only land the airship on grasslands (with the exception of one square – see the secrets page), so some places, like Lefein and the Castle of Ordeals are still unaccessible. Just have fun flying with it.