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Name Description
Adamantite Provides incredible defense
Amulet Raises Magic by 10
Angel Earrings Guards against death
AP Egg 3X the amount of AP earned
Arcane Lore Use Arcana abilities learned as Dark Knight
Arcane Tome Cuts the time needed for Arcana by 40%
Beaded Brooch Guards against Silence and Darkness
Black Belt Raises Strength and Defense by 20
Black Choker Guards against Confusion
Black Lore Use Black Magic abilities learned as Black Mage
Black Ring Nullifies gravity damage
Black Tome Black magic requires 40% less time
Blind Shock Adds Darkness to attacks and skills
Bloodlust Horrific invention said to make its bearer fight to the death
Blue Ring Halves water damage
Bushido Lore Use Bushido learned as a Samurai
Bushido Tome Cuts the time needed for Bushido by 40%
Cat Nip A seemingly ordinary jewel, until the going gets tough
Cat’s Bell Recovers HP while walking
Cerulean Ring Changes water damage to HP
Champion Belt Raises Strength and Defence by 40
Chaos Shock Adds Confusion to attacks and skills
Charm Bangle Eliminates random enemy attacks
Circlet Raises Magic and Magic Defence by 10
Crimson Ring Changes fire damage to HP
Crystal Ball Raises Magic by 50
Crystal Bangle Raises max HP by 100%
Crystal Gloves Raises Defence by 60
Defence Bracer Generates constant Shell and Protect effects
Defence Veil Raises Magic Defence by 20
Diamond Gloves Raises Defence by 40
Dragonfly Orb Guards against Stop
Dream Shock Adds Sleep to attack and skills
Electrocutioner Adds lightning and water elements to attacks and skills
Enterprise Allows max HP to exceed 9999
Faerie Earrings Guards aganist Confusion and Berserk
Favorite Outfit Guards aganist Itchy
Fiery Gleam Adds Fire element to attack and skills
Force of Nature Adds ALL elements to attacks
Freezerburn Adds fire and ice elements to attacks and skills
Furry Shock Adds Berserk to attacks and skills
Gauntlets Raises Strength and Defence by 5
Glass Buckle Guards against Poison and Sleep
Gold Anklet Guards against Petrification
Gold Bracer Raises max MP by 60%
Gold Hairpin Halves MP cost during battle
Gris-Gris Bag Guards against Curse
Haste Bangle Casts Haste when HP is low
Heady Perfume Leblanc’s secret weapon
Hyper Wrist Raises Strength by 30
Hypno Crown Raises Magic and Magic Defence by 20
Icy Gleam Adds Ice element to attacks and skills
Invincible Allows max damage to exceed 9999
Iron Bangle Raises max HP by 20%
Iron Duke Power is but a number
Kaiser Knuckles Raises Strength by 50
Key to Success Doubles all AP, EXP, and gil, with +100% on HP, MP, and Luck
Kinesis Badge Guards against Slow and Stop
Lag Shock Adds Slow to attacks and skills
Lightning Gleam Adds lightning element to attacks and skills
Lure Bracer Raises the fequency of random battles
Minerva’s Plate Increases Magic power
Moon Bracer Generates constant Shell
Mortal Shock Adds Death to attacks and skills
Muscle Belt Raises Strength and Defence by 10
Mute Shock Adds Silence to attacks and skills
Mystery Veil Raises Magic Defence by 40
Mythril Bangle Raises max HP by 60%
Mythril Gloves Raises Defence by 20
Nature’s Lore Use Instinct abilities learned as a Berserker
Nature’s Tome Cuts time for Insrinct by 40%
NulBlaze Ring Nullifies fire damage
NulFrost Ring Nullifies ice damage
NulShock Ring Nullifies lightning damage
NulTide Nullifies water damage
Oath Veil Raises Magic Defence by 60
Ochre Ring Changes Lightning damage to HP
Pearl Necklace Guards against Pointless
Pixie Dust Raises Magic by 40
Potpourri Guards against Berserker
Power Gloves Raises Strength by 40
Power Wrist Raises Strength by 20
Pretty Orb Guards against Slow
Rabite’s Foot Raises Luck by 100
Ragnarok Reduces MP cost to 0 during battle
Recovery Bracer Generates constant Regen effect
Red Ring Halves fire damage
Regal Crown Raises Magic and Magic Defence by 40
Regen Bangle Casts Regen when HP is low
Ribbon Guards against all status ailments
Rune Bracer Raises max MP by 100%
Safety Bit Guards against Death and Petrification
Shining Bracer Generates constant Protect effect
Shmooth Sailing Protects against all status ailments
Short Circuit Changes water and lightning damage to HP
Silver Bracer Raises max MP by 40
Silver Glasses Guards against Darkness
Snow Ring Changes ice damage to HP
Soul of Thamasa Strengthens spells but doubles the cost of MP
Speed Bracer Generates constant Haste effect
Sprint Shoes Act at the beginning of battle
Star Bracer Generates constant Reflect effect
Star Pendant Guards against poison
Stone Shock Adds petrification to skills and attacks
Sublimator Changes ice and fire damage to HP
Sword Lore Use Swordplay abilities learned as Warrior
Sword Tome Cuts down the time needed for Swordplay by 40%
System Shock Adds Stop to attacks and skills
Talisman Raises Magic by 30
Tarot Cards Raises magic by 20
Tetra Band Reduces fire, lightning, ice, and water damage by half
Tetra Bracelet Changes fire, lightning, ice, and water damage to HP
Tetra Gloves Adds fire, lightning, ice, and water elements to skills and attacks
Tetra Guard Nullifies fire, lightning, ice, and water damage
Tiara Raises Magic and Magic Defence by 5
Titaniun Bangle Raises max HP by 40%
Twist Headband Guards against Silence
Venom Shock Adds poison to attacks and skills
Wall Ring Casts Shell and Protect when HP is low
Watery Gleam Adds water element to skills and attacks
White Cape Guards against Silence
White Lore Use White Magic abilities learned as White Mage
White Ring Halves ice damage
White Tome White Magic needs 40% less time
Wizard Bracelet Automatically recovers MP while walking
Wring Makes the user a spellcasting machine
Wristband Raises Strength by 10
Yellow Ring Halves lightning damage