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In Final Fantasy X-2, you will most likely come across something called the “Mission Select”. Mission select allows you to select the mission you want to participate in. While you’re doing that, the game will begin building the plot of the story. Each mission has its own “sub story” that pushes along the whole story in general. In the end, you will find yourself in an ending that is chose depending on what you accomplished in the game.

As most already know, Final Fantasy X-2 is the first Playstation 2 in the series that have multiple endings. This enables the players to select options themselves, making it flexible.

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Through missions, Yuna will find new connections towards her story. This is called the “Hot Spot”. The Hot Spot opens up the path to new missions and episodes. Players may also choose different missions and continue the game differently. In addition, many of the major places will be available to visit in the beginning of the game which gives the player a better idea of where everything is even if the location is not important.