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Final Fantasy XIII Magic

Name ATB Cost Information Who can Learn
Powerchain Auto If the enemy’s Chain Gauge is empty when the Commando’s attack lands, Powerchain strengthens the blow, granting significantly greater damage. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Fang
Lifesiphon Auto Recharges one ATB gauge segment after slaying a target. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Fang
Faultsiphon Auto Slightly charges the ATB gauge when a character attacks a target suffering from status ailments. Lightning/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Launch Auto Automatically launch a enemy in the air with Attack command selected against a Staggered enemy. Lightning/Snow/Fang
Ravage Auto A staple of Chain-building, used to enable Ravagers to blast the Chain Gauge high and Commandos to reduce the rate of a gauge depletion. Lightning/Snow/Hope/Fang
Smite Auto Enhances a Commando’s standard Attack command when an enemy is poised to recover from a Stagger. Lightning/Snow/Fang
Blindside Auto Enhances normal attacks when a non-Staggered adversary is not targeting a party member who has this skill. Lightning/Snow/Vanille/Fang
Scourge Auto Enhances a Commando’s normal Attack when an enemy is about to recover from a Stagger. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Jeopardize Auto Boosts the amount by which an attack raises a Staggered enemy’s Chain Bonus, increasing the damage of all subsequent hits while it remains Staggered. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Deathblow Auto Instantly slays a target with low HP. Snow/Vanille/Fang
Adrenaline Auto Boosts Strength and Magic when HP is high. Snow/Sazh/Vanille/Fang
Attack 1 The basic assault move of a Commando. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Blitz 2 Inflicts damage on all adversaries in range, best used against targets at or near the center of tightly packed groups of enemies. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Fang
Ruin 1 Inflicts non-elemental magic damage on a single target. Effective when enemies are resistant to physical assaults or vulnerable to magic. It’s also efficient against distant, airborne or fast-moving opponents. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Ruinga 3 Same effects as Ruin, but acts as a more powerful area-effect upgrade. Ruinga can interrupt enemy actions. Lightning/Snow/Sazh/Hope/Vanille/Fang
Highwind All Unique to Fang. Releases a catastrophic blast with damage determined by the current Chain Bonus. The higher the percentage, the more effective it will be. However, it then resets your chaining progress. Fang
Sovereign Fist All Same as Highwind, but unique to Snow. Snow