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ShivaBelongs to: Snow Villiers

A series favourite, she returns as an Ediolon in Final Fantasy XIII as the twin sisters Styria and Nix. Her, or rather their first HD appearance comes with new abilities. Shiva is now able to control both water and ice and is able to transform into a motorcycle via the ‘Gestalt’ system. Her summoner, ironically named Snow, no doubt favours this ability.

Shiva’s signature move ‘Diamond Dust’ returns and promises to chill her enemies to the bone.


OdinBelongs to: Lightning

The mighty Odin, a staple to the Final Fantasy series, returns as Lightning’s Ediolon. In Norse mythology Odin is the chief god and ruler of Asgard. In previous FFs Odin is seen atop his mount Sleipnir.
Steedless in FFXIII Odin opts to transform into Sleipnir and is ridden by Lightning. Previously Odin was unaffiliated with an element, however now appears to posses both lightning and wind abilities. Odin’s ultimate move Zantetsuken returns, no doubt to the detriment of his foes


BrynhildrBelongs to: Sazh Katzroy

A newcomer to the series, she debuts as the Ediolon of Sazh Katzroy. In Norse mythology Brynhildr is a Valkyrie and Shieldmaiden who was punished by Odin. Brynhildr cursed to sleep on a couch surrounded by fire awaited her rescuer. Later on she also died by fire thus it is not surprising her role as the new fire summon.

Brynhildr transforms into a F1 racecar during her ‘Gestalt’ and her ultimate move Muspell flame, or realm of fire, is sure to incinerate her foes.


HecatonchiresBelongs to: Oerba Dia Vanille

Hecatonchires debuts in Final Fantasy XIII as the Ediolon of the bubbly Vanille. In greek mythology Hecatonchires is said to possess one hundred hands and fifty heads and were the children of Gaia and Uranus. They were extremely strong and ferocious, hurling mountains sized boulders at their enemies by the hundreds. Not surprising Hecatonchires element is earth.

In ‘Gestalt’ mode he transforms into an armoured suit reminiscent of Magiteck armour (FFVI) and Machina Maw (FFX-2). His concept is Shooting Blaster and ultimate move ‘Gaia Salvo’ is sure to overwhelm his opponents.


AlexanderBelongs to: Hope Estheim

This powerful Ediolon is summoned by Hope and is of the holy element. Previously Alexander has taken the form of a giant mobile mech as well as a castle. Little is known about his origin however, his power has been proven as her successfully fended off the formidable Bahamut.

Alexander’s ‘Gestalt’ mode is unique as he forms a massive fortress surrounding his foes as opposed to a vehicle. His concept is that of a tactical commander, obliterating his foes with his laser beams and ultimately ‘Holy Judgement’.


BahumutBelongs to: Oerba Yun Fang

The king of dragons returns in FFXIII as the Ediolon of the tenacious Oerba Yun Fang. Seen throughout the series Bahamut has taken many forms, though his power is undeniable making him worthy of his title as king. In FFXIII Bahamut decimates his foes with his destructive claws and devastating attacks.
With ‘Gestalt’ Bahamut takes to the sky mounted by Fang, smiting his foes with the destructive power of his signature move, Mega Flare.