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One-handed sword

The one-handed sword is a versatile sword suitable for all kinds of close-quarter combat. It is quick yet deals moderate damage. The one-handed sword is especially good at a hit-and-run style.

The one-handed sword combo involves a quick slash following by several slashes in a short period of time. Noctis can even flip back (Down analog stick + O while attacking), dodge, and execute an aerial combo.


The greatsword is a big two-handed sword dealing heavy damage to several enemies at once. Noctis can even charge it for a greater damage. However, the weak point of the sword is its slowness. Holding a consecutive greatsword attack can be easily countered.

A greatsword combo involves a quick initial vertical slash following by a wide horizontal AOE attack. A recommended way to use this weapon is to use it as an opening strike, including a warp-strike, and then swiftly change into other weapons. Otherwise, wait for a change to slash an enemy from its back or executing a charge attack.

Due to its weight and size, Noctis cannot airstep with a greatsword.


The lance is a long spear dealing average damage but at a middle range. The best part about lance is its aerial attack where Noctis can leap into a thin air and stabs enemies several times at once.

The lance combo involves around several stabbing and piercing. At the end of the ground combo, Noctis jumps into the air for aerial strikes. Similar to the one-handed sword, Noctis can backflip while attacking, and even charge for a full thrust.


The daggers excel at consecutive combo attacks. A wielder can swiftly slash endlessly and tirelessly. It is the quickest weapon so far but lacks damage. With a proper guide and usage, daggers user can quickstepping around the enemy and attacking at the same time.

Unlike other weapons, Noctis can continuously slash enemies without having to execute a combo finisher. By holding a down analog stick with an attack button, Noctis will start throwing daggers at an enemy until it is out of range.


Pistol is a long-range weapon allowing its wielder to shoot an enemy from a far. However, it does not have any combo attack comparing to other weapons. Noctis will just keep shooting in a targeted direction.

Pistol is a good choice when a player wants to play safe by striking for afar, dodge an attack, and wait for a chance to parry and counter. It has a chance to stagger an enemy allowing a user to attack freely without a fear of getting a hit back.


We do not know much about the shield at the moment. It should be good for defending and interrupt an enemy. It is possible that Noctis can equip a shield and a one-handed sword at the same time.


Machinery consists of several weapons such as a chainsaw, an auto-crossbow, a bio blaster, and more. Unlike other weapons, Noctis cannot warp-striking with any machinery.

Machinery usually deals heavy AOE attack and have a special attack. For example, an auto-crossbow can fire a barrage of arrows. A chainsaw can be charged. A bio blaster can emit poison gas. Noctis cannot attack with some machinery while he is in the air.