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FF5 Items

Name Use Effect
Tonic Any Time Restores up to 50 HP
Potion Any Time Restores up to 500 HP
Tent Outdoors & Save Points Restores some HP and MP
Cottage Outdoors & Save Points Fully restores HP and MP
Ether Any Time Restores up to 40 MP
Phoenix Down Any Time Cures KO status
Elixir Any Time Restores full HP and MP
Antidote Any Time Cures Poison
Soft Any Time Cures Petrify
Eye Drop Any Time Cures Dark
Maiden’s Kiss Any Time Cures Frog
Cornucopia Any Time Cures Mini
Holy Water Any Time Cures Zombie
Turtle Shell !Mix item (battle) Cures Alchemy
Power Drink !Drink item (Battle) Raises attack
Speed Drink !Drink item (Battle) Same effect as Haste
Giant Drink !Drink item (Battle) 2x max HP
Hero Drink !Drink item (Battle) Raises Strength
Hard Body !Drink item (Battle) Raises defense
Dragon Fang !Mix item (battle) Cures Alchemy
Dark Matter !Mix item (battle) Cures Alchemy
Omega Badge None “Your wisdom/strength have beten the anient culture”
Magic Lamp Battle Randomly summons Summoner ‘Beasts’ in battle
Dragon Seal None “Replenish lost nutrition from slaying dragons”