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About FFVII Accessories

Accessories are special items of equipment, which can be found, and even bought when you are at a curtain point in the game. Accessories have special effects to help you complete the FFVII adventure. Using them in the right places in the game with the right enemy’s could help prevent you get annihilated. The special effects are such things as the “fire ring” nullifies fire attacks, which come in handy against dragons and other fire element based creature. Accessories don’t just effect elemental attacks, they also can raise your stats, Example: strength up 10%, spirit up 10% etc. Unfortunately you can only equip 1 accessory at a time, per each active character, but you should take advantage of this, they help so much.

To equip an accessory you must go to your menu screen, then select “equip”, then go to “Acc” click on it and if you have any accessories they will appear in the box bellow, to the right. Put the cursor over accessory you want, then in the box just to the left you can see the status changes, and in the box just above, you can see the effect of that particular accessory.

FFVII Accessories

Name Status/Equipped Effect Where to get it?
Amulet Luck +10% You can buy at Mideel for 10,000 gil (Disc 2 onwards)
Bolt Ring Nullifies [Lightning] attacks You can buy at Mideel for 8,000 gil. You can also get it from Sleeping Man in Junon. (Disc 1 onwards)
Cat’s Bell Restore HP as you walk (~2 HP/ step) Win the Chocobo Race S Class several times (one time only)
Championship Belt Power +30 and Vitality +30 You can win it at the Battle Square for 16000 BP.
Choco Feather Dexterity +10 You can buy this at Wutai for 10,000 gil. You can win this by winning all 7 battles at the Battle Square in quest for the keystone.
Circlet Magic +30; Spirit +30 You can steal it from Snow found at Great Glacier (Disc 2).
Cursed Ring It raises each status but… At the start of the battle, you will get a count-down (like death sentence). However if the character is killed and revived, the countdown will disappear too for that battle. At Mideel, go to the weapon and get Tifa to open the door in the weapon shop on the second floor. Then go outside to the person standing on the left. Walk around that area and stop when you hear a clicking sound. you will pick up a key. Go back to the door, and try to open it with the key. When the key breaks, the shop owner will ask you something. Just tell him the truth and he will give you this accessory. You can also steal from the Ultimate Weapon when it attacks Mideel
Earring Magic +10 You can buy from Rocket Town for 7500 gil.
Fairy Ring Protects against [Poison/ Darkness] You can find one at Cave of Gi [Disc 1] or buy from the accessories shop in Mideel / hyperactive kid after Mideel is destroyed…
Fire Ring Nullifies [Fire] Attacks You can find one at Costa del Sol or buy from Mideel accessory shop for 8000 gil.
Fury Ring Automatically puts you in [Berserk] You can buy it at Gongaga for 5000 gil.
Headband Protect against [Sleep] You can buy it either at Gongaga or Upper Junon for 3000 gil.
HypnoCrown Increase Manipulation rate You can find it at Corral Valley of the Ancient City (where you find mineshafts) [Disc 2]
Ice Ring Nullifies [Ice] Attacks Defeat Chekhov of Wutai Pagoda battle (Wutai Side Quest 2) or you can buy it at Mideel Accessory shop for 8000 gil. You can also get it from the sleeping man in Junon.
Jem Ring Protect against [Paralyze / Petrify/ Slow-numb] You can get one by defeating the Materia Keeper [BOSS] at Mount Nibel in Disc 1. You can also buy at Mideel for 7500 gil.
Peace Ring Protect against [Berserk/ Fury/ Sadness] You can get one by defeating Rapps at Wutai (Wutai Side Quest 1) or you can buy at Rocket Town Weapon Shop for 7500 gil (Disc 2)
Poison Ring Drains [Poison] attack, protect against [Poison] You can find it at the Whirlwind Maze. [Disc 2]
Power Wrist Power +10 You can get one by defeating Bottomswell or buy at Rocket Town for 7500 gil.
Protect Ring Automatically puts you in [Barrier/ MBarrier] You can steal from the the right head of the 2-headed Boss – Schizo (right) at the Gaea’s Cliff. (Disc 2) You can also obtained it by morphing Mover (those orange balls in the Northern Crater which come in threes). Please note that these creatures give you 2400 AP but no EXP. (Disc 3)
Protect Vest Vitality +10 Defeat Rufus at Shinra HQ (Disc 1). You can also buy it from Rocket Town Weapon Shop for 3500 gil. You can also get one by winning the seven battles in quest for the keystone in Disc 1.
Reflect Ring Automatically sets up [Reflect] You need to defeat Jenova *DEATH at Whirlwind Maze (Disc 2)
Ribbon Protect against all status abnormalities. (1) In the Temple of the Ancients, where the clock is, go to V (2) Inside of Gaea’s Cliff, you can find another one in a treasure chest. (3) In the last area (The Northern Crater), use the Morph command on Master Tonberry (a monster with a star on its head and holding the lantern). You can also get it in the Battle Arena, in the Special battle. Morph the second creature (the one with two long arms, called Ho-chu).
Safety Bit Protects against [Sudden Death/ Petrify/ Slow-numb] You can find it at the Great Glacier (Disc 2). You can also buy it from the Rocket Town for 7500 gil in Disc 2.
Silver Glasses Protects against [Darkness] You can buy it at Gongaga Village or Upper Junon for 3000 gil. You can also win it from the salute to Rufus at Upper Junon.
Sneak Glove Increases Stealing Rate Get the Key to Sector 5 and proceed to the Wall Market. Talk to the weapon owner and you can buy it for 129,000 gil!
Sprint Shoes Automatically puts you in [Haste] You can win it at Chocobo Racing.
Star Pendant Protects against [Poison] You can win one at 63rd Floor of Shinra HQ (Coupon B), win it from Motor Ball and bought at Gongaga for 4000 gil.
Talisman Spirit +10 Defeat Sample HO-512 at 67th Floor of Shinra HQ. You can buy it at Gongaga or Rocket Town for 4000 gil.
Tetra Elemental Drains [Fire/ Cold/ Earth/ Lightning] Attacks In the Crater, where you choose which member to go whichever direction, head right. Likewise, you can also choose to morph the Cactuar at the Cactus Island south of Cosmo Area.
Touph Ring Strength +50, Spirit +50 You can steal from Reno at Midgar and another one from him while at the Crashed Gelinka. Likewise, this accessory is also initially equipped by Sephiroth…
Water Ring Drains [Water] Attacks You can find it at Corral Valley on your way to the Forgotten Capital.
White Cape Protects against [Frog/Small] You can win one from Jenova *Birth while at the ship heading to Costa del Sol or buy it from Junon/ Gongaga for 5000 gil.