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FFVII Bestiary

There are many different types of enemies in Final Fantasy VII, some uber strong, and some are not so. There are different methods to use to defeat the enemies depending on there strengths and weaknesses. The way to almost always guarantee that you beat your opponent is to always keep you characters levels high. As you go through the game the enemies become stronger, they get more HP, MP and there basic stats improve such as str, spd etc. The good thing about the enemies growing stronger is that you will receive more AP, EXP and gil.

This guide gives you all the enemies’ stats that will help you through the game with more ease. Something that is greatly over looked in FFVII is the ability to steal. Some times stealing is the best way to gain the latest items and even some very expensive ones that can be sold to fill your pockets. So in the guide pay attention to what you can steal from each enemy because it can greatly improve your game. For more information on stealing see the Stealing Guide page. As well as stealing you can also Morph enemies into useful items, however remeber you have to weaken the target before you can do so. For information on how to get the Morph and Steal abilities, go to the Materia page. To see what defeats an enemy quicker, look in the “weakness” section.

Bestiary Legend

LVL (Level)

This is the level that the enemy, the higher a enemies level, the higher their stats

HP (Hit Points)

This is the amount of hit points the enemy possesses. The more hit point’s they have the more time it will take for you to kill them.

MP (Magic Points)

This is how much magical defence the character has that possesses it. The more points of Magical Defence, the less damage inflicted when attacked with magic.

EXP (Experience Points)

This is how much experience you gain from defeating a enemy. In Final Fantasy VII all of your characters receive indirvidual EXP without having to share it out. Only characters that are involved in the battle will receive EXP. Although some status aliments will make you lose a characters EXP such as Death and Petrification. It is always worth fighting enemies that give you a lot of EXP so that your level will increase and therefore help you beat harder enemies with ease later on in the game.


This this what makes materia level up, it works in the same way as your characters EXP. Only materia that is equipped will gain AP and depending on the armour or weapon you have, it could grow at double or even triple speed. For more information on materia go to the materia page


This is the weakness of the enemy. usually the foe will absorb the opposite element to the one stated, such as fire – Ice.

Steal Item

This is the Item that can be stolen from the enemy. For more detail about stealing go to the Stealing Guide page

Morph Item

This is the item that the enemy can be morphed in to when you accquire the Morph materia. For more information on obtaining the Morph Materia go to the Materia page

Win Item

This is the Item that can be won from a enemy after a battle. Keep in mind though that you do not receive the specified item after EVERY battle, it is a completely random feature.