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Over the course of your adventure you will have the chance to buy a lot of the Materia in the game. You can also pick a lot of it up as you go long, but you are best off having second pieces of valuable spells such as cure, life and all. All is one of the most valuable pieces of Materia in the game. It can help you defeat a group of enemies a lot more ease, but can also can be a great asset for party magic such as cure and haste. Summon magic cannot be bought; it must be found and can sometimes prove a bit tricky to find. You must explore everywhere in the game because some pieces of summon Materia can be priceless to you. Each piece of Materia gives different bonuses and penalties when they are equipped, keep a close eye on how many summons and strong spells a single character has, because they can highly affect there HP.

Equipping Materia

To equip Materia go in to your menu and go to ‘Materia’ here you will see different amounts of slots depending on your equipment. Click on a empty slot to bring a choice on Materia that you have collected. When you put the cursor over a piece of Materia a menu will appear, telling you how this piece will affect your statuses. When you have decided on a piece, click on it and it will appear in the slot. If you wish to take a piece of Materia out, press the triangle button.