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Final Fantasy Tactics Chocobos

There is no need to find a Chocobo to get started because you get your first chocobo without a mediator in the second chapter, Goblin Forest. The chocobo is being attacked and you have to fight the enemies off and the chocobo will join you.

Yellow Chocobo

This type of chocobo are used for defensive purposes, and they are the most basic kind. They have unlimited Chocobo Cures. It will come in handy when you’re in a tight spot and without healing magic or items. Your first one will probably be Boco. His moves will be: Choco Attack, Choco Cure, Choco Esuna.

Black Chocobo

A very strong Chocobo, having many hit-points and powerful attacks. Some of these include Choco Attack, Choco Ball, and Choco Esuna. They can also fly.

Red Chocobo

This isbest type of Chocobo. They have attacks such as Choco Attack, Choco Ball, Choco Meteor, and Choco Cure. The only way to get them is to have it born into your party, or to Invite it during battle.