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Final Fantasy Tactics Magic

Final Fantasy Tactics has numerous magic spells. Each type of magic can only be use to a particular job you choose. Example: if you choose a black wizard they can use black magic. A summon can only use summoning magic.

Black Magic

Name Effect
Fire Weak fire attack
Fire2 Medium fire attack
Fire3 Strong fire attack
Fire4 Very strong fire attack
Bolt Weak lightning attack
Bolt2 Medium lightning attack
Bolt3 Strong lightning attack
Bolt4 Very Strong lightning attack
Ice Weak ice attack
Ice2 Medium ice attack
Ice3 Strong ice attack
Ice4 Very strong ice attack
Poison Causes Poison, which gradually reduces HP
Frog Turns unit into a frog
Death Kills an enemy
Flare Very powerful attack

Summon Magic

Name Effect
Moogle HP recovery
Shiva Strong Ice attack
Ramuh Strong lightning attack
Ifrit Strong Fire attack
Titan Strong Earth damage
Bahumut Strong non-elemental attack
Odin Strong non-elemental damage
Salamander Strong non-elemental damage
Levithan Strong Water damage
Cyclops Strong non-elemental damage

White Magic

Name Effect
Cure Recovers some HP
Cure2 Recovers more HP
Cure3 Recovers a lot of HP over a wide area
Raise Restore life to a fallen unit.
Raise 2 Restore life an full power to fallen unit.
Reraise Automatically resurrects units that fall and restores a bit of HP
Regen Gradually restores HP
Protect Raises defense against physical attacks
Shell Raises defense against magic attacks
Wall Casts both Protect and Shell
Esuna Removes most abnormal status effects
Holy Causes Holy damage

Yin-Yang Magic

Name Effect
Blind Causes Darkness, which decreases accuracy for physical attacks
Spell Absorb Absorbs the Mp of a cast spell
Life Drain Absorbs the MP of an enemy
Silence Song Casts Silence, which precludes an enemy from using magic
Zombie Changes target into an Undead creature
Blind Rage Casts Berserk, which makes you loose control of the unit
Fox Bird Decreases Brave points
Dispel Magic Cancels the effect of any spell
Sleep Casts Sleep, which causes the unit to become idle and can’t attack
Petrify Causes the unit to solidify.