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See what’s going to be born

On the editing screen, put an egg in the bottom row. Place the cursur on top and press right or left slowly or rapidly. You should be able to get a glimpse of fhe monster’s face that’s going to be born.

Listen to all music

If you type “BGMkikitai” (“kikitai” in hiragana) as Ramza’s name in the Japanese version, you can go to the juke box mode and listen every music in the game, including the unused ones. Somebody please find the english name!! (“BGM kikitai” means “I want to listen to the BGM”)

Stronger to stronger

After gaining levels on a character with high growth rate jobs (like ninja), perform “level down” to them after changing into low growth rate jobs by purposely going on to traps.

After going up to Lv 99, coming back to Lv 1, and going up to Lv 99 again, the HP increase is up to 300!

Duplicate weapons

  1. Get a knight with the double-equipment ability. (I don’t know what it’s called, but it enables you to equip a weapon on each of the hands)
  2. Put a shield on the right, and equip the weapon you want to duplicate on the left hand.
  3. Go to a shop where they only sell a weapons that are weaker than the weapon you want to duplicate.
  4. Go to the changing-room, and perform the “equip strongest” (you know what I’m talking abou, right?)
  5. De-equip your lefthand.

Getting the Chaos Blade

When you have already got the 13th zodiac stone go to horror at the deep dungeon set the counter on catch when you will fight ninjas and samurai they will throw it to you you should be patient cause sometimes they don’t throw the powerful knight sword the chaos blade and sometimes you will not fight the ninjas and samurais.

Full Health

Set everyone to auto and cast regain on your whole party, then open the cd door the game will stop but regain won’t.

Chicken Trick

For this you’ll need either a mediator or an oracle. A mediator is best. First learn any skill that lowers brave points. Then all you have to do is lower someone’s brave points below 10. They’ll turn into a chicken. They can’t attack, they just run away.

NOTE: They gain 1 brave point every turn, so keep it under 10 or they’ll turn back.

Gain 5 or more Levels in One Fight

You know how you get exp with one hit? What if your character is so strong, it kills with one hit. What if you can hit someone over 20 times without your guidance and safely return home. What you need is a wizard, and an oracle or mediator.

What you do is you turn your enemies into frogs. It is time consuming, but it is worth it. (You can increase chances by using oracle “pray faith.” Once that is done. and I know this sounds weird, turn your strong character into a frog. Then with oracle or mediator, put him into berserk. This will allow him to fight on auto-battle without running away. Keep your character well healed.

Move the rest of your characters far away from the fight. Frogs VS Frogs. Put them on auto battle in “Run like a rabbit” mode so they don’t interfere. They shouldn’t interfere.

Leave it on over night. By morning that character will rise 5-10 levels, and have over 2000-5000 jp points.