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Clan Titles and Skills

Your clan is your team, in RPG terms, your party. It is composed of characters you want in the group and numbers no more than 23. The clan will eventually earn status points in eight areas; Combat, Magic, Smithing, Craft, Appraise, Gather, Negotiate, and Track.

Through out the course of the game the clan will gain new skills and titles. For every 100 Clan Points you earn, one or more of your Clan Skills will rise by one point, in addition to a Clan level up. Once raising a Clan Skill to a certain level you will receive a bonus item. Check out the list below to see which item you will receive upon the conditions.

Aegis Shield

Appraise level 20

Angel Ring

Craft level 20

Arch Sword

Combat and Magic lvl 10


Craft level 35

Black Robe

Magic level 15