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Can I change my characters name and/or even choose it?

Only the *New Kid* can be named, default is Marche.

What does the WT mean in the battle screen?

WT stands for Wait Turn. When the WT is 1 then that unit can initiate combat. Every other number is next in line, so 1 is first and 2 is second; so on and so forth. The number on the left is for how many turns until that unit can move starting at 1 and the number on the right is how many units on the field. An example is “WT 1/10”, this means it is the units turn and there are 10 units on the field. Highlighting another unit may display “WT 4/10” meaning that the unit will go 4th according to this turn unless it is stopped, slowed, or hastened during the turn and before it’s next turn.

Is Cloud in this game?


I’ve heard of these items that grow as you use them, what are they and how do I get them?

The sword, Sequence, grows in Weapon Attack every time you complete Mission 040: Battle Tourney, where you get the item after completing the mission. You can also power it up by completing link Mission 1: Pam le Fey, Mission 2: Dark Wanderer, and Mission 3: Demon Redux. The rod, Sapere Aude, grows in Magic Attack every time you complete Mission 041: Mage Tourney or it’s related link missions; Mission 4: Newbie Hunt, Mission 5: Real Hunt, and Mission 6: Expert Hunt. You get the Sapere Aude in Mission 041: Mage Tourney. The Acacia Hat (Helm) grows in Magic Resistance and is received after Mission 042: Swimming Meet. You can power up the Acacia Hat in Mission 042: Swimming Meet and in the link missions that it is related to, Mission 7: Ezel’s Letter, Mission 8: Ritz’s Letter, and Mission 9: Cid’s Letter. The last of the 4 items is the Peytral which you can get after completing Mission 043: Clan League. It has no related link missions so you can only power it up by beating the Clan League mission. All item power up missions are repeatable so they can be you’re best items in each category if you really want them to be.

Can I really kill off Montblanc and never have to use him again?

Yes, Montblanc can die in a Jagd area and you never have to use him again. A lot of people seem to dislike him but I take a certain liking in him, so I never killed him off.