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Post Cards

Hidden all over Traverse Town are 10 postcards. You can mail them into the mailbox near the accessory shop at the First District. Here are the locations of the Post Cards:

Number Location
1 Blue Trinity Jump in front of the Cafe, this will take you to the chest.
2 The blue safe in the First District.
3 Hit the fan in the Item Shop.
4 On the awning of the Boots and Shoes shop in the Second District.
5 & 6 Use Thunder on the wires in the Third District and press all the buttons in the Gizmo Shop. Then Examine the clock in the shop.
7 Examine the shelves of Geppetto’s House after Monstro.
8 On the roof of the Accessories Shop.
9 After you beat Guard Armour, go through the Gizmo Shop and climb the ladder to the roof. The walk across the other house roofs to find a chest.
10 Examine the notice board in the Item Workshop.