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When you have a Summon Gem, go see the Fairy Godmother inside the Mystical House and she will give you a Summon. To talk to her you have to Examine the small Pumpkin Carriage inside the Mystical House. Here is a table about all of the different types of Summons. Below the table there are explanation about all of the types of Summons that you can use and ways that you can use them in battle.

Summon MP Location
Simba 2 Get the Earthshine from Leon in the sewers
Genie 2 Lock the Keyhole at Agrabah
Bambi 1 Get the Naturespark by completing Pooh’s Honey Tree Page in 100 Acre Wood
Dumbo 3 Get the Watergleam in a chest in Monstro’s Mouth
Tinker Bell 3 Lock the Keyhole at Neverland
Mushu 3 Get the Fireglow by beating Maleficent (Dragon)

The Summons


Lock-On to an enemy and hold down the :x: button to start charging. In the corner where you see the picture of Simba you will start to see a blue meter charge, the further it goes, the more damage it will do to the enemies around you. When you think you have charged enough let go of the :x: button and Simba will use his Roar. But you have to be careful because if you get hit by a Heartless while you are charging you will lose it and have to start again.


The Genie’s attack is called Showtime. Lock on to one enemy and you should see little pictures of the Genie on the enemies. So if there is a group of Heartless, he will Lock-On to more than one. Then use Showtime and he will cast a rain of spells onto the enemies around. Spells like Stop and Gravity are used.


Bambi will come onto the field and start jumping around and items will fly everywhere. Bambi only seems to make Magic Balls appear. When you summon Bambi he has 2 bars. A yellow and blue one. Every time you defeat a Heartless the blue bar will fill up a little bit, when you fill it up all of the way you will get an item.

The items get better and better as you defeat more Heartless while he is summoned. But if you are to lose Bambi, you will have to start collecting from bad to good when you summon him again. So the best place to go is a place where there is a lot of Heartless that you can kill quickly. I always use the Gizmo Shop.


When you summon Dumbo you will shrink so you can ride on his back. Then you gain control of Dumbo. Fly around and Lock-On to Heartless and attack them with your water blast.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell will fly around you party and heal you every so often. This is great for those really hard battles.


When Mushu is summoned he will sit on your head and wait for commands. When you Lock-On to an enemy you can pick Fire Breath and he will shoot multiple fireballs at the enemy. Just hold down the X Button for a constant attack.