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The main character and hero of the first Kingdom Hearts. He once lived a normal life on Destiny Islands but now has taken up the role of the Keyblade master in search of his friends and saving the worlds from the heartless. As a teenager he has his share of concerns, but overall, he manages to keep an upbeat attitude. He seems too simple-minded at times, but he has a strong sense of justice. After facing the Organization in Castle Oblivion, Sora is ready to continue his search for his friends, and find out what Organization XIII is really about.


Wizard of the royal castle who was set out on a mission with Goofy in the first game to find King Mickey. Now he sets out on a new journey after helping save the worlds but having to lose his king once again. Sticking to his promise as following the keyblade holder, Donald is still fighting alongside Sora and aid’s him in battle with his powerful magic skills. The weapon he weilds is the magic staff.


Captain of the Royal Knights. Partnered up with Donald in the first game to help find King Mickey and met up with Sora in Traverse town. Sticking to his promise as following the keyblade holder, Goofy is still fighting alongside Sora and aid’s him in battle with his powerful defence skills. Now they travel together once again to look for their lost friends. His weapon of choice is his shield.


Child friend of Sora who lived on the Destiny Islands and was also transported from his home. Originally he was the true keyblade master but then he sided with Ansem and gave up control of his body in doing so. However at the end of the first game he helps Sora close the Door to the Dark world with him still inside it. Riku and King Mickey traveling together in black robes similar to those worn by the members of the order, but not all is as it seems. There are some secrets surrounding Riku’s dissapearance that Sora will have to uncover.


Friend of Sora and Riku who also was transported from the destiny islands the night the heartless attacked. Sora found Kairi in her hometown of Hallow Bastion and that her heart had been taken. Sora had also learned from Ansem that she was one of the princesses of the heart. At the end of the first game she and Sora were separated again and now she waits on the destiny islands for him to return. Screen shots of the new game show her to be older and look more adult than she was in the first game.


A mysterious young girl introduced in Chain of Memories, who was ordered by Marluxia of the Order to erase all of Sora’s memories. Instead she listens to Sora’s heart and doesn’t, dispite the fact that she may be working for The Order. NaminĂ© is a very powerful Nobody witch, who has the power to modify anyone’s memories to whatever she pleases. The connection that binds NaminĂ© to Kairi is a secret waiting for Sora to uncover.


Not much is known about Roxas, but one thing that is for sure is that he is a new character who was the one seen who ends up helping Sora against Axel. He is also the one who is seen wielding the two keyblades known as Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Not much else is known since he didn’t appear in the first game aside from that he may have lived in Twilight town and that he may have a playable part. Also from Tetsuya Nomura his white clothes also hold some significance since Sora now appears in some more, darker clothing.