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Organization XIII

The first six members of Organization XIII are Nobodies of assistants of Ansem in his experiments in darkness. The assistants and Ansem built an underground facility in Hollow Bastion , where they conducted experiments with the heart, using themselves as test subjects. After speaking with the off-worlder, King Mickey , Ansem saw the immorality of what he was doing and ceased his involvement. The assistants and their leader, Xehanort , did not share his moral compunction and continued their experiments.

This eventually led to tragedy and the creation of Nobody versions of the assistants. Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort, became the “Superior” and founded Organization XIII in order to learn about the secrets of the heart and to recover their hearts and become complete beings again. To that end, they deliberately send Heartless into various worlds with the expectation of Sora killing them, releasing the hearts inside the creatures, which then bond with Kingdom Hearts, granting more usable power for the Organization to use.

#13 – Roxas

The youngest and newest member of the Organization, Roxas, the “Key of Destiny”, was “born” when Sora briefly became a Heartless. However, due to a combination of Sora’s short time as a Shadow and Kairi’s heart serving in his creation, Roxas had no memory of being Sora. He wields the Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades , and controls the power of light and the Samurai Nobodies. His name is an anagram of Sora with an x added.

#12 – Larxene

The only female member and the “Savage Nymph”, Larxene, conspires with Marluxia to overthrow Organization XIII by using Sora to achieve their ends. She is an arrogant sadist in nature, abrasive and uncaring for the feelings of others as she enjoyed seeing them suffer with her mindgames. Larxene uses the element of thunder to fight and wields kunai (throwing knives) held between her fingers as her weapons. Compared to the other members, she is incredibly agile in battle. Larxene is defeated in Chain of Memories.

#11 – Marluxia

A relative newcomer to the Organization, Marluxia is Lord of Castle Oblivion and the “Graceful Assassin”. In battle, he wields a pink scythe and the element of flower (referred to as “nature” in some official material; the meaning of nature does not exactly correspond to the powers Marluxia possesses). Along with Larxene, Marluxia conspires to overthrow the Organization by using Naminé to manipulate Sora’s memories. Marluxia is defeated in Chain of Memories.

#10 – Luxord

Being the “Gambler of Fate”, Luxord’s life is permeated by gambling. He loves to gamble and sees battle as just another form of it. Like Zexion, he is more a strategist than a powerful fighter. He has neatly ordered blond hair, a short beard and several earrings in the shape of the Nobody symbol. Luxord uses a deck of 52 giant playing cards and the element of time . He is in control of the Gambler Nobodies. Luxord appears at Port Royal , where he revives the curse of the Aztec gold, and the cursed pirate nuisance along with it.

Luxord makes use of the opportunity to scout the inhabitants of Port Royal, Sora, and the gold’s curse, to ascertain as to whether or not they would be useful to the Organization. In the end, he has Sora defeat a large heartless and collects the forthcoming heart before escaping without fighting Sora and his party himself. Later, at the World That Never Was, Luxord appears before Sora and traps his companions in his playing cards, leaving Sora to fight alone in a battle against time. In his final gamble, he raises his cards to defend himself from Sora’s final strike, but it is in vain.

#9 – Demyx

A blond fighting musician, Demyx, the “Melodious Nocturne”, uses a sitar as his weapon and controls the Dancer Nobodies. He does not enjoy fighting, but can control water with his sitar to replicate himself and to execute powerful and intimidating attacks. Demyx seems not to take his mission seriously at first, joking around with Sora and complaining that the higher-ups had mistakenly chosen him to carry them out, as he claims he is a poor fighter. Initially, he refers to Sora as Roxas, not regarding Sora as an individual but rather as another form of Roxas.

Demyx first appears in the Underworld , where he is confronted by Sora for stealing the Olmypus Stone, an object that protects the wearer from the restrictive effects of the Underworld. He fought Sora with the use of his clones, not taking the young Keyblade master seriously at the time and left after losing. The two soon crossed paths again at Hollow Bastion during the massive Heartless attack. Upon being reminded that he was a Nobody, and therefore had no heart, thus little, if any, actual emotion, Demyx fought Sora fiercely with his full potential. Unfortunately for Demyx, it was his last fight.

#8 – Axel

Axel, the “Flurry of Dancing Flames”, works as a double agent in Castle Oblivion. In battle, he utilizes a pair of chakram as well as the element of fire . The Assassin Nobodies are under his control. He is a skilled manipulator and one never quite knows whose side he is really on. Axel’s role and motives revolve around Roxas, whom Axel sees as a dear friend and almost like a brother. He attempts to personally bring Roxas back into the Organization by force, knowing that if Roxas was to find and meet face to face with Sora, the two would fuse to complete Sora and Roxas as a nobody would no longer exist. When that plan fails, Axel discovers that Xemnas has simply been using Roxas and the other members of the Organization to further his own selfish desires and he turns against the Organization. He kidnaps Kairi to see if he could use her to influence Sora to fight with him against Xemnas.

Because of these acts, Saïx brands Axel as a traitor, and kidnaps Kairi himself to use her as bait to fuel Sora’s anger and further their plans. Axel, whose feelings for Roxas live on in Sora, finds the young hero in a pathway to darkness and chooses to fight with him rather than against him. When he and Sora are attacked by a large group of Nobodies, he performs a kamikaze attack and sacrifices himself to save Sora. With the last of his strength, Axel opens a corridor of darkness to the World That Never Was.

#7 – Saïx

The “Luna Diviner”, has an X-shaped scar on his face and wields a gigantic claymore . He controls the element of moon and the Berserker Nobodies, who wield weapons much like his own. His powers and fighting style are most likely a play on lycanthropy .

Despite his rank, Saïx is respected as if he was the second in command. He is a calm and collected man who shows no emotion, belying his extensively cruel nature. Axel has a clear dislike of him and Saïx becomes the one to brand Axel as a traitor to the group for attempting to derail the Organization’s plans for Sora. It was Saïx who caught Kairi after she got away from Axel and he decided to use this to his advantage.

After Sora defeated the Heartless army at Hollow Bastion, Saïx appears and summons even more Heartless for Sora to defeat after he fills Sora’s heart with anger when he refused to bring him to Kairi. Despite appearing calm, Saïx shows his true beastlike nature when he fights Sora at the World That Never Was, going into a berserk state by absorbing the moonlight from Kingdom Hearts. However, he was mortally wounded and died while pining for Kingdom Hearts to give him his heart back.

#6 – Zexion

Like Axel, Zexion, the “Cloaked Schemer”, is a skilled manipulator by nature. Appearing in Chain of Memories, his talents lay outside of battle, even though he does have a weapon; he is the only Organization member who does not fight in a gameplay battle and lacks a voice actor. He was originally Ansem’s youngest lab assistant and test subject, under the name of Ienzo. He was the one that convinced Ansem, with his passionate words, that they should expand the horizons of their research.

#5 – Lexaueus

The “Silent Hero”, is a well-built, muscular fighter in Organization XIII’s ranks. Lexaeus is one of the two members of the Organization in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories that appears in Riku ‘s story only. He employs a large tomahawk and the element of earth in battle, throwing his tomahawk, breaking rocks and shaking the arena itself. He takes little damage from Riku’s physical attacks, but is highly vulnerable to Dark sleights. His original name was Elaeus

#4 – Vexen

The “Chilly Academic”, is the research scientist of the group and loves to study the secrets of the heart. He is often very stoic in his behavior. Vexen is ranked higher than others in Chain of Memories and has long dirty blond hair. He can control the power of ice and carries a large shield in battle that blocks any frontal attacks made against him.

His fighting style typically revolves around hindering Sora’s movement, and when he is fought in Twilight Town, his sleights include sending icicles to chase Sora, creating slippery frozen puddles on the ground and freezing Sora in a block of ice. His original name was Even.

#3 – Xaldin

While he looks like the silent-type, Xaldin, the “Whirlwind Lancer”, is actually quite talkative. He sports long black hair and long sideburns, and wields six lances while wielding the element of wind , along with controlling the Dragoon Nobodies who all wield spears much like his own.

Xaldin confronts Sora in Beast ‘s Castle when he manipulated the Beast’s rage by various means so that a powerful Nobody and Heartless could be created from the Beast. But Sora’s interfence with his plan forced Xaldin to take more drastic matters: stealing the mystical rose and kidnapping Belle to force Beast’s rage. The plan failed and Xaldin’s impulsive actions lead to his downfall against Sora. His original name was Dilan

#2 – Xigbar

The “Freeshooter”, is a senior member of the Organization. He controls the Sniper Nobodies that share the same affinity for sharpshooting as he does. Being a sniper by nature, Xigbar uses gun arrows and the element of space in battle. A missing right eye and the deep scar on his left cheek indicate that he was in some sort of intense battle in the past. He has several grey streaks in his hair, which is worn in a ponytail.

For someone his age, Xigbar talks a lot and likes to insult people. He is not terribly intelligent and fights based on instinct. He initially appears before Sora at Hollow Bastion near the beginning of the game to taunt Sora, though he never takes off his hood. Later, he appears at The Land of Dragons coincidentally at the same time that Riku appears there. Sora sees him and confuses him for Riku, whom he had met earlier. He confronts Sora at the World That Never Was and is defeated. His original name was Braig.

#1 – Xemnas

Previously known by fans as the Enigmatic Man , Sitting Unknown or the Superior , Xemnas (whose name is an anagram of Ansem with an x added to it) is the Nobody of Xehanort and the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts II . Like his counterpart, Xemnas is collecting hearts but he intends to absorb Kingdom Hearts to become a complete and almighty godlike being. He can manifest some sort of energy as a weapon, making red ” aerial blades ” with it, use the element of nothingness , control the Sorcerer Nobodies and move through solid objects such as humans. He is also known to be manipulative, and exaggerates the emotions of Sadness and Sorrow, and is feared by most Organization members due to his power.

He is the man who Sora fought in the Final Mix version of the original Kingdom Hearts at Hollow Bastion to test Sora; he was the first member of the Organization that could be fought. Xemnas is first seen in Kingdom Hearts II during the beginning at a beach, stating that Roxas looks like Sora and asks if he has met him.

It is not until later in the game until we find out Xemnas’ reason for this revealation: If Xemnas was to create his Kingdom Hearts, he would need the Keyblade to defeat the Heartless and return their captive hearts back to Kingdom Hearts, but could not achieve this goal unless Sora was awakened. Later on, he appears in front of Sora at Hollow Bastion to summon his fellow members and taunt him, and then later at Hollow Bastion again when the enormous Heartless army attacked it.

While he escapes with Mickey, Sora confronts him again in the World That Never Was when Ansem attempts to contain Kingdom Heart’s power. The two talk and Xemnas reveals that he is trying to build a new empire, one heart at a time and he thanks his former master for this, stating that he is the source of all Heartless. Ansem’s machine blows up, leaving a huge hole in Kingdom Hearts which triggers the “heartshower,” an event where all the hearts in Kingdom Hearts rain down and hindered Xemnas.

However, Xemnas used some of Kingdom Hearts’ power, taking on a new form to fight Sora and company. Though he was thought to be defeated, Xemnas managed to separate Sora and Riku from the others to fight them personally. Xemnas is the last member of the Organization that Sora, with help from Riku , battles in Kingdom Hearts II .