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Final Fantasy game series began in 1987 as a console role-playing game, developed by a small Japanese publishing company named Square Co. LTD. Up to that point the company had mostly published smaller games which sold respectably, but by no means were they a blockbuster success, so the idea to create a game similar to competitor Enix's Dragon Quest was born and work began on a massive one-megabit cartridge role-playing game that would attempt to revolutionize and transform the genre. All of Square's resources and hopes were placed on this single project and if it failed, Square would no longer exist. It was fittingly named "Final Fantasy." The first game was a huge success, and each sequel has been even more successful. As of 2008, there are twenty-eight games and more than 85 million units sold. The series holds seven Guinness World Records in the Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2008.

Most of the stories are independent, but featuring common elements defining the franchise. The games take place on a fantasy world with three large continents; the elemental powers on this world are determined by the state of four orbs (or crystals in later localizations), each ruling one of the four classical elements: earth, fire, water and wind. Numerous races inhabit this fantasy world, including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Mermaids and Robots. Each non-Human race has its own "town" in the game, although individuals are sometimes found in Human towns or other areas as well.
Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together now available on PsP
by Garland 02-16-2011
Fans of the Ogre battle franchise, rejoice! Tactics Ogre, the classic SNES-Ps1 game that preceded Final Fantasy Tactics and made that game what it is today, has now been remade for the Playstation Portable system, with revamped graphics, art, gamepla...

Type-0 and Versus XIII updates
by Garland 01-28-2011
What can I say? I like trailers. Okay, here's the thing. SE scrapped the name for "Agito XIII" realizing for obvious reasons that with the new sequel to XIII, the franchise was getting outta hand. Don't fear though, the game is still in production, ...

Dissidia Duodecim, final trailer and english release date
by Garland 01-28-2011
Been a loooong time, and frankly I was too embarrassed to pick up all the past news, but for nostalgia reasons, I'll throw you guys a couple of bones. ^_^ First up, alot of you know by now of the upcoming sequel to the PsP hit Dissidia. Well, you ...

Final Fantasy XIII Sequel
by darkeclipse21 01-23-2011
The North American site, currently containing little but a trailer. I guess I'll be the one responsible for posting more information, because apparently I'm the only one who liked the first blasted game. >.>...

Dissidia Sequel Announced [9/7]
by MagitekElite 09-08-2010
[QUOTE]Square Enix has revealed the follow-up to its portable Final Fantasy fighting game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. That game is the somewhat clumsily titled Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fant...

Final Fantasy XIV Guide
by admin 09-02-2010
A group of dedicated Square Enix fans launches a website. The site offers mini guides, news, screenshots and gameplay videos. The are available at the site in the form of articles that help gamers gain a better understanding of the game along with ...

Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Dark
by Garland 07-30-2010
A new Final Fantasy game has been announced to be released: This one going back to it's roots of crystals, job classes, and 2D-sprite based graphics. Said to have an all encompassing new storyline, and from the makers of Final Fantasy IV-The After Ye...