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Chrono Trigger Accessories

Name Effect Equip To
Amulet Protects Status All
Bandana Speed +1 All
Berserker Auto attack/Hit & Def. up All
Black Rock Invokes triple tech “DarkEternal” Marle, Lucca, Magus
Blue Rock Invokes triple tech “OmegaFlare” Lucca, Robo, Magus
Charm Top “Charm” power up Ayla
Dash Ring Speed +3 All
Defender Vigor +2 All
Flea Vest Mg Defense +12 All
Frenzy Band 80% Counter attack rate All
Gold Earring Max HP up by 50% All
Gold Rock Invokes triple tech “Grand Dream” Frog
Gold Stud MP use cut by 75% All
Green Dream One-time auto reanimate All
Hero Medal Ups critical hit rate if Masamune Frog
Hit Ring Strike +10 All
Magic Ring Magic +6 All
Magic Seal Magic +5 / Mg Defense +5 All
Magic Scarf Magic +2 All
Muscle Ring Vigor +6 All
Power Ring Power +6 All
Power Seal Power and stamina up All
Power Glove Power +2 All
Power Scarf Power +4 All
Prism Specs Ups attack pwr. to the max All
Rage Band 50% Counter attack rate All
Ribbon Strike +2 All
Sight Scope Shows enemy’s HP All
Silver Earring Max HP up by 25% All
Silver Rock Invokes triple tech “SpinStrike” Frog, Robo, Ayla
Silver Stud MP use cut by 50% All
Speed Belt Speed +2 All
Sun Shades Ups attack power All
Third Eye 2x Evade All
Wall Ring Mg Defense +10 All
Wallet Turns Exp. into G All
White Rock Invokes triple tech. “Poyozo Dance” Marle, Lucca, Ayla