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Festival Items

You can play this mini-game Leene Square in 1000 A.D. at the first part of the game. Here’s how to earn them:

20 Silver Points
Guess the winner of the foot race

15 Silver Points
Defeat Gato

5 Silver Points
Chug 8 mugs of root beer in the drinking contest

1 Silver Point
Hit the bell in the Strong Man game

Name How to get it Description
Cat Play the monster game for 80 points in Bekkler’s lab. Absolutly nothing
Cat Food Play any of the games at Bekkler’s lab It attracts more cats!
Clone Play Simon Says game at Bekkler’s Labfor 40 silver points The clone and the Chrono Trigger revive Crono
Poyozo Doll Play guess who game at Bekkler’s lab for 10 silver points Every character can get a doll. They will show up in there room