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After getting Ayla, level her up once you get her and work it until you get the attack Charm. Ayla can use it after that and if you train her with Marle, they can make a double tech charm which is more powerful that just one person charming.

Charm is basically taken items from enemies but Ayla can only do it.

65,000,000 B.C.

Enemy Items
Amphibite 2 Horns
Anion 2 Petals
Avian Rex 1 Feather
Azala (boss) 1 Magic Tab
BlackTyrano (boss) 1 Power Tab
Cave Ape 1 Fang
Croaker 2 Fangs
Evilweevil 1 Dream Gun
Fly Trap 1 Dream Bow
Gold Eaglet 1 Ether
Ion 2 Feathers
Kilwala 1 Petal
Megasaur 1 Aeon Blade
Nizbel (boss) 1 Third Eye
Nizbel II (boss) 1 Third Eye
Nu 1 Mop
Rain Frog 2 Feathers
Reptite (purple) 1 Mid Tonic
Reptite (green) 1 Magma Hand
Runner 1 Horn
Shist 1 Petal
Shitake 1 Petal
Terrasaur 1 Lapis
Volcano 1 Lapis
Winged Ape 1 Ruby Vest

12,000 B.C.

Enemy Items
Bantam Imp 1 Alloy Blade
Barghest 1 Shield
Basher Nothing
Beast 1 R’bow Helm
Blue Beast (boss) 1 Mermaid Cap
Blue Scout 1 Shield
Byte Nothing
Dalton (boss) 1 Power Meal
Dalton Plus (boss) 1 Power Meal
Gargoyle 1 Big Hand
Giga Gaia (boss) L hand Nothing
Giga Gaia (boss) Main body 1 Speed Tab
Giga Gaia (boss) R hand Nothing
Golem (boss) 1 Magic Tab
Golem Boss (boss) Nothing
Jinn 1 Lapis
Lasher Nothing
Mage 1 Barrier
Man Eater 1 Pearl Edge
Mud Imp (boss) 1 Speed Tab
Red Beast (boss) 1 Elixir
Red Scout 1 Barrier
Rubble Can’t steal from them
Scouter 1 Lapis
Stone Imp 1 Mid Ether
Thrasher Nothing
Turret Can’t steal from them

600 A.D.

Enemy Items
Base Nothing
Bellbird 1 Heal
Defunct 1 Elixir
Flea Plus (boss) 1 Flea Vest
Fossil Ape 1 Mega Elixir
Free Lancer 1 Barrier
Gigasaur 1 Ruby Armor
Gnawer Nothing
Goblin Nothing
Great Ozzie (boss) 1 Ozzie Pants
Green Imp 1 Tonic
Gremlin Nothing
Hexapod 1 Barrier
Imp Ace Nothing
Leaper 1 Elixir
Lizardactyl 1 HyperEther
Mohavor 1 Shield
Ogan 1 Shield
Poly 1 Ether
Reaper 1 Elixir
Retinite – Bottom Section (boss) Nothing
Retinite – Mid section (boss) 1 Speed Tab
Retinite – Top section (boss) Nothing
Roly Rider Nothing
Rust Tyrano (boss) 1 Red Mail
Sentry 1 Hyper Ether
Super Slash (boss) 1 Slasher 2
T’Pole 1 Mid Tonic
Vamp Nothing

1000 A.D.

Enemy Items
Avian Chaos Nothing
Beetle Nothing
Diablos Nothing
Gato 1 Power Meal
Gnasher 1 Revive
Hench Nothing
Hetake 1 Tonic
Naga-ette Nothing
Omnicrone 1 Ether
Yakra XIII (boss) 1 White Mail
1 MegaElixir

2300 A.D.

Enemy Items
Acid 1 Barrier
Alkaline Nothing
Atropos (boss) unable to steal
Bug 1 Heal
Bugger Nothing
Crater Nothing
Debugger Nothing
Debuggest 1 Elixir
Display (boss) 1 Elixir
Egder Nothing
Krakker Nothing
Krawlie (boss) 1 Mid Ether
Laser Guard 1 Full Tonic
Lavos Spawn – head (boss) 1 Elixir
Lavos Spawn – shell (boss) Nothing
Macabre 1 Full Ether
Meat Eater 1 Ether
Mother Brain (boss) 1 Blue Mail
Mutant 1 Full Tonic
Nereid 1 Ether
Octopod 1 Mid Ether
Proto 2 1 Tonic
Proto 3 1 Full Tonic
Proto 4 1 Elixir
Rat Nothing
Shadow Nothing
Son of Sun 1 Black Mail

Black Omen

Enemy Items
Alien 1 Magic Tab
Blob 1 Magic Ring
Boss Orb Can’t steal from them
Cybot 1 Power Meal
Flyclops 1 Gold Stud
Giga Mutant (boss) 1 Wall Ring
1 Hit Ring
Goon 1 Nova Armor
Incognito Nothing
Laser Guard 1 Full Tonic
Lavos Spawn (boss) 1 Safe Helm
1 Haste Helm
Mammon Machine 1 MegaElixir
Martello 1 Hyper Ether
Mega Mutant (boss) 1 Elixir
1 Vigil Hat
Metal Mute 1 Hyper Ether
Panel 1 Speed Tab
Ruminator 1 MegaElixir
Side Kick Can’t steal from them
Synchrite 1 Gold Erng
TerraMutant (boss) 1 Muscle Ring
1 Power Seal
Tubster 1 Power Tab
Zeal (Boss) 1 MegaElixir
Zeal (boss) Left Hand 1 Prism Dress
Zeal (boss) Right Hand 1 Prism Helm
Zeal (boss) Middle 1 MegaElixir