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General Hints

At high levels, Ayla is a very useful member of the party, as her BronzeFist Will do 9,999 damage on a critical hit (Ayla has a 10% critical hit rate).

The Gloom Cape, Gloom Helm and DoomSickle are frequently missed pieces of equipment. Although they can only be equipped on Magus, as the Gloom Cape and Gloom Helmet are some of the best pieces of armor in the game they are worth getting. In Ozzie’s Fort, in the room with the guillotine over the treasure chest, there is a fake wall opposite the stairs leading further into Ozzie’s fort. It is possible to walk through this wall and you will end up in a room with the aforementioned items.

Rocks Locations
Black Rock In 12000 BC visit Kajar. Open the books that have elemental properties in this order; water, wind, fire. In the secret door that opens up, examine the Poyozo Doll to receive the Black Rock.
Blue Rock Located in a chest in the Giant’s Claw in 600 AD.
Gold Rock In the Denadoro Mountains in 600 AD. After completing thesidequest with Cyrus’ ghost and obtaining the upgraded Masamune, make Frog the leader of your party and go back to the DenadoroMountains. Find the Freelancer that throws rocks and stand still.Frog will catch one of the rocks; this is the Gold Rock.
Silver Rock Obtained from a Nu at the back of the ruined Laruba village in 65,000,000 BC.
White Rock In a treasure chest in the Black Omen.

In 1000 AD, after Marle’s pendant begins to act like Schala’s, there is a pyramid-like structure north of Medina Village. You can access this to receive either the Safe Helm or a weapon for Crono, the Swallow. The Swallow is a fairly mediocre weapon so it is advised that you choose the Safe Helm, as it cuts physical damage received by 1/3.

*Luminaire, *Flare and *DarkMatter are the three most powerful single techniques in the game. They are more powerful than almost any double tech and frequently do more damage than triple techs. The only skill that rivals the three of them being used sequentially, is the triple tech, Omega Flare. It is recommended that after you receive these skills, and before Ayla becomes level 96 or over, that your party frequently contains Magus, Crono and Lucca. If it is not possible to have all three characters in your party, you should have as many as possible. Alternatively, a party consisting of Crono, Robo and Frog should be considered. All three are hard hitters, and with Crono’s *Luminaire and Robo’s Shock, they are fairly strong magically also. The main advantage over the other recommended party is that Robo and Frog have the Cure Wave double tech, which restores all HP for the party.

There are two battles in the game that you are not required to win. Both take place in Zeal. The first is when Dalton summons his first Golem to fight you. This fight is fairly difficult so if you don’t win, it doesn’t matter; the outcome in the game is the same whether you win or lose, you will only miss out on some experience, Tec points and G. Also, when Queen Zeal summons Lavos to fight you the first time, in the Ocean Palace, you are expected to lose. It will be a very difficult fight, with a bit of challenge even on New Game +, so on your first game it is probably best just to let your party be defeated; there is no sense in using items when you are more than likely to lose even when using items.

Spekkio, the Master Of War. Spekkio, takes on multiple forms depending on your character’s levels. If no character is over level 9, he appears as a Frog, defeat him and receive a Magic Tab. If your highest level character has a level between 10 and 19 Spekkio appears as a Kilwala, and when defeated, gives you a Magic Tab and 5 Ethers. If the highest level character is between level 20 and 29, he is a Goblin and will give you a Magic Tab and 5 Mid Ethers. From level 30 – 39, he will give you a Magic Tab and 5 Full Ethers. If your character is over level 39, but not maxed out, you will encounter Spekkio as Masa Mune. You will receive 1 Magic Tab, 1 Power Tab, 1 Speed Tab and 10 Elixirs. If any character is at level ** Spekkio will appear as a red- colored Nu. You will be given 10 Magic Tabs, 10 Power Tabs and 10 Speed Tabs. You will also receive 10 Mega Elixirs

New Game Plus

New Game + provides the player with an opportunity to replay the game while retaining the attributes for each character, the equipment (excluding a few items, specifically the Masamune, Hero’s medal, the Taban equipment, Ozzie Pants, Flea Vest, Slasher 2 and GreenDream), and all your items, (barring a few such as the upgraded pendant, and any other quests items, i.e. Moon Stone etc).

However, no money (G) is carried over, so it is a good idea to spend all of the money the player has earned on Equipment before the end of the game, and to sell any excess equipment at the beginning of the New Game +. To access New Game +, you must beat the game by going through the Black Omen.

After the credits end, reset the console/emulator and on Crono Trigger’s menu there will be a new option – New Game +. You will then be required to select a save, from which all Stats, etc will carry over for New Game +, so the closer to the end of the game you can save, the better.