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Casting Magic

Spells are powerful ways of attack enemies or protecting character, but they consume MP. You can cast most spells at only one character or enemy, but some will affect the whole group.

Battle system imageBattle system image


Many black magic spells have element properties, which mean they draw upon the elements of fire, water, ice and lightning. Enemies from variou regions will be inhernently strong against some elements. However, being strong against one element may make a fiend(enemy) weak against the opposite element.

Color Element Weak Against
Red Fire Ice
Yellow Lightning Water
Blue Water Lightning
White Ice Fire

Sub-Command Window

To access the Subcommand, press right on the left analog stick. This menu enables characters to change equipment during battle, or attempt an escape from battle.

The Weapon and Armor commands enable a character to change equipment during battle. If you are fighting a element creature, use the Weapon command to equip a weapon that strikes with the opposite element to inflick more damage. Similary, if your character keeps getting put to sleep, then use the Armor command to equip armor bearing the Slep Ward or Sleepproof ability.

The Escape command allow one character to run from battle. Keep in mind, however, that this option doesn’t always work. Also you cannot escape from boss fights. You can also use Tidus’s Flee ability to have your entire party escape from enemies but not boss battles.

Trigger Commands

Trigger commands usually occur only in key boss fights and involve changing the party’s formation, manipulating nearby objects, or even talking to the foe.

Battle system image


The party’s status appears in the bottom-right corner of the battle screen. It shows each characters’ HP, MP, and Overdrive gauge. It changes from white to yellow when the character’s HP falls beneath half his max HP.

Battle system image


When character’s Overdrive guage fills completely, he or she can perform a unique special attack.