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Final Fantasy X Chocobos

Chocobo’s are fictional creatures from the Final Fantasy series. They are big bird type things that people can mount and ride. They are lovable creatures that we see appear in all the final fantasy’s, and are a big trademark as well. In Final Fantasy X, chocobo’s do not play as big a part as they have in pervious games; however, you need to master them to get around quicker and pick up some very important items that could help you on your quests. As usual they are a very fun addition to this game.

Chocobo 1 Chocobo 2

Wobbly Chocobo

This race takes place on a wild chocobo that refuses to run straight toward to the finish line. Press the left analog stick left and right to stay on course. You must reach the finish line under 12.8 seconds. Once you succeed, you can ride a chocobo in the Calm Lands any time you want for free, just by asking the trainer.

Dodger Chocobo

This chocobo is easier to steer, but you must dodge incoming blitzballs! If you get hit, the chocobo becomes momentarily stunned. This makes it much more difficult to cross the finish line in time.

Catcher Chocobo

Race the chocobo trainer from the entrance of the Calm Lands to the northeastern exit, dodging blitzballs and birds. Each bird that hits you add three seconds to your total time, while each balloon you collect subtracts three seconds. Winning this race enables Tidus to reach his legendary weapon at the north end of the Calm Lands

Furthermore, if you can successfully beat the choco trainer with a total time, minus all ballon adjustments, of 0:00, then she will give you the Sun Sigil required to activate Tidus’s Caladbolg.