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Tidus’ Overdrives

Tidus charges his overdrive gauge from taking or inflicting danage. All of his overdrives require you to stop the moving bar in the designated middle part of the bar. Quicker you stop it in the middle, the stronger the attack will be.

Name Target Attempts to learn after…
Spiral Cut One Enemy Default
Slice and Dice Random 10 successful overdrives
Energy Rain All Enemies 30 successful overdrives
Blitz Ace All Enemies 80 successful overdrives

Yuna’s Overdrive

Yuna has only one overdrive called Grand Summon. Any Aeon summoned with the overdrive ability will have their overdrive gauge at 100%. Once the Aeon uses their overdrive ability, the gauge will go back to the amount the Aeon originally had. This could be used to gain two overdrives in a row if the Aeon’s gauge was at 100% before Grand Summon.

Auron’s Overdrives

Auron’s overdrive minigame requires you to press a squence of buttons before time runs out. The quicker you complete it, the stronger the attack will be. New overdrives are acquired through the collection of Jecht spheres.

Name Target Status Ailment Attempts to learn after
Dragon fang All Enemies Delay Default
Shooting Star One Enemy Eject 1 Sphere
Banishing Blade One Enemy Power, Armor, Magic, and Mental Breaks 3 Spheres
Tornado All Enemies None All 10 Spheres

Sphere Locations

Name Location
Jecht Sphere 1 Spheromorph boss fight – Macalania Forest
Jecht Sphere 2 Right of Temple Entrance – Besaid Village
Jecht Sphere 3 On the bridge – SS Liki
Jecht Sphere 4 Basement A – Luca Stadium
Jecht Sphere 5 Old Road, South – Mi’ihen Highroad
Jecht Sphere 6 South Wharf – Moonflow
Jecht Sphere 7 South – Thunder Plains
Jecht Sphere 8 South – Macalania Woods
Auron’s Sphere Mushroom Rock Road – Precipice
Braska’s Sphere Mountain Trail – Mt. Gagazet

Wakka’s Overdrive

Wakka starts off with Elemental Reels and gains his other overdrives through winning Blitzball games. The minigame is matching up the reels, requiring you to time each one carefully. Each represents an element:

  • Red is fire.
  • White is ice.
  • Blue is water.
  • Yellow is lightning.

If you match three of the same elements in a row, Wakka will attack all enemies with that element. The minigame is the same for all of his overdrives.

Lulu’s Overdrive

Lulu’s overdrive is Fury. The ability allows Lulu to cast a specific spell multiple times while not consuming any of her MP in the process. After selecting the spell you wish to use, you play a little minigame that requires you to rotate the right analog stick clockwise. Each successful rotation gives her another cast. She can use her overdrive even if silenced and her magic isn’t affected by Shell or Reflect.

Kimahri’s Overdrives

Kimahri’s overdrive is known as Ronso Rage. This ability is similar to Blue Magic or Enemy Skill in other Final Fantasy games. With an exception for his default “Jump” overdrive, Kimahri must use his Lancet ability to learn new Ronso Rages (overdrives). As soon as he learns a new Ronso Rage, his overdrive gauge will fill up to 100%.

Name Description Received from…
Jump Damages a single enemy Default
Seed Cannon Damages a single enemy Grath, Balsam
Rotate Kick Damages a single enemy Metal Soldier type 11
Aqua Breath Water damage to all enemies Kimaira, Kimaira Brain
White Wind Absorbs 1/2 HP of all enemies Dark Purine
Mighty Guard Casts Barrier & Shield to all allies Behemoth, King Behemoth
Flame Fire damage to all enemies Grendel, Dual Horn
Self Destruct Suicide bombs on all enemies Bomb, Grenade
Stone Breath Petrified status to all enemies Basilisk, Hedge Viper
Death Sentence Enemies die after 5 turns Ghost
Bad Breath Causes random status ailments to all enemies Marlboro, Mariboro Great
Nova Damages all enemies Omega

Rikku’s Overdrive

Rikku’s overdrive is called Mix. Mix combines two items to create a unique effect in battle. There are 64 different combinations you can make.

Mix Combinations

Coming soon…