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The Remiem Temple

Once you have acquired the Cloudy Mirror, you can try to complete this very hard Sidequest. You need to race against another Chocobo there, each time you pick up chests in the race, you win a prize. There are five chests to pick up and here’s what you can get from those chests.

# of Chests Items
0 Potion
1 Elixir
2 Megalixir
3 Wings to Discovery (x30)
4 Pendulum (x30)
5 Three Stars (x60)

Please note that you only have to touch the chests in the race, you won’t actually get the items as you open the chests. You will only get the prize by the end of the race. Also remember to use the D-Pad and not the Analog Stick for the race. That’s about it, good luck!