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Kalm Traveller

On the top floor of the rightmost building in Kalm, there is a very happy traveller. When Meteor is summoned, he says he will be leaving on a journey. He needs a Guidebook, the Earth Harp, and the Desert Rose. To get the Guidebook, you will have to go to the underwater reactor, and morph a Ghost Ship. By doing this, you will receive Underwater materia, which eliminates the 20 minute timer in the Emerald WEAPON fight.

To get the Earth Harp, you must fight, and defeat the Emerald WEAPON (see WEAPON Strategies), and in return you wil get Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon Materia. And finally, you must fight and defeat the Ruby WEAPON (see WEAPON Strategies), to get the Desert Rose, and to exchange it for a Gold Chocobo.