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Barrel WT POW SPD RNG Obtain Description
Normal Barrel 600 60 90 65 Initial equipment This average mid-sized barrel excels in short and medium range accuracy.
Long Barrel 650 70 80 150 In Kalm after defeating all of the enemies in underground area blocked by a laser gate. This extended barrel can be used to increase the accuracy of most firearms.
Short Barrel 360 35 150 25 By the stairs inside the house in Kalm after defeating the first boss. By cutting the size of this barrel in half, its weight has been reduced to a fraction of its mid-sized counterparts.
Lucky S Barrel 300 40 140 5 Stage 10, behind the seven Laser Gates near the end of the stage. When equipped, this unique short barrel will increase the amount of EXP earned by its user when making a kill.
Faerie L Barrel 90 80 115 170 In Stage 10, after passing though the laser gate guarded by two large soldiers with rocket launchers, turn to your left and shoot the exploding barrel next to the crate on the far ledge. The Faerie L Barrel will fall out, and you can collect it by jumping down to the level below. This unique long barrel is unlike others in that it has a high firing rate and is light as a feather.
Guard N Barrel 450 75 100 65 In Stage 6, you must keep all of your WRO allies alive throughout the level. The barrel will be in a crate at the end of the level. When equipped, this unique mid-size barrel will increase the defense of its user.