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Extra Mission Memory Capsules

Mission Location Unlocks
1 – Zephyr Heathlands At coordinate D-9, stand on the plank and face east and aim to the rocks. Character Viewer – The WRO
2 – Widow Missileer In front of you, to your left as the stage begins, between the crates. You have to hit it with magic. Sound Gallery – System
3 – Wastelings At the far western end of the field on a climbable ledge. You have to melee it. Art Gallery – The WRO
3 – Wastelings Standing near B-9, it’s on a hill to the east. Event Viewer – Tokyo Game Show Trailer (2005)
5 – Deep Labyrinth Shoot the barrel above it at map coordinate K-14. Extra Mission – Boxemon
9 – Cait Versus the World At K-6 on top of a crate. You have to melee it. Art Gallery – Locations
10 – Missilebreaker Melee At G-10 on the pavilian. Shoot it. Character Viewer – Others
10 – Missilebreaker Melee At I-7. Shoot it. Event Viewer – DC Presentation Trailer
11 – Collector’s Mind Shoot it at D-5. Character Viewer – Monsters
12 – Vincent the Destroyer Melee it at D-5. Art Gallery – Event-Related
13 – Rains of Gehenna Standing at H-6, face north and aim up at the mountain. Event Viewer – Jump Festa Trailer
13 – Rains of Gehenna In midair at J-13. You have to jump from above and melee it. Art Gallery – Monsters
14 – Vincent the Grappler Melee it at J-11. Art Gallery- Shinra
15 – Red and Blue At map coordinate G-12. Melee it. Art Gallery – WRO Headquarters
16 – Stygian Sewer Found near the end of the level at K-5. Melee it. Art Gallery – Shinra Building
17 – Messenger from Hell Found at the bottom of the level at G-15. Must use magic. Sound Gallery – The WRO
18 – Badlands Found at F-8. You have to shoot the crate above it to drop the barrel onto it. Extra Mission – Chamber of Ghosts
20 – Deep Tower At K-8, above the board. Character Viewer – Shinra
21 – Cait Versus the Crimson Found at G-8. Melee it. Art Gallery – Deepground
22 – Shinra Manor Prime Just before the Mako Point at J-8, face northwest and aim through the window. Must use magic. Sound Gallery – Shinra
22 – Shinra Manor Prime Found at I-7. Shoot it. Event Viewer – Retail Display Trailer
23 – Rampart Rumble Save Cait Sith and speak to him. He was take you up to the wall. Melee the capsule at M-11. Art Gallery – Deepground Soldiers
24 – Contra Kalm In the fountain. Shoot the nearby bomb. Extra Mission – Missilebreaker Deathmatch
26 – Cait Versus the Cerulean At H-5. You must melee it. Art Gallery – Bosses
27 – Vincent the Beast Located inside the elevator. Melee it. Art Gallery – Attack on Midgar
28 – Cyclopean Causeway Standing at F-5, face toward F-8 and look up above the red light. Character Viewer – Bosses
29 – Trick Arc Found at L-7. Hit it with magic. Sound Gallery – Bosses
30 – 100,000 Needles Kill the high-bouncing Cactaur near F-7, get the card key and go through the blue Laser Gate. Character Viewer – Deepground
31 – Caith Versus the Bull On Azul’s tail. Melee it. Art Gallery – Miscellaneous
32 – Deepground Soldiers Melee it at K-6. Art Gallery – Mako Reactor 0
33 – Shieldbreaker Melee it at G-12. Art Gallery – Finale Chaotic
34 – Spiral Hit it with magic at D-5. Sound Gallery – Vincent
35 – One-Handed Melee it at F-11. Art Gallery – Vincent Red
6 – Black Widow Tetra Shoot it at I-5. Character Viewer – Vincent
37 – Gatling Shower Blow it up at I-14. Extra Mission – Go With the Flow
39 – Brotherly Love At G-3, hit it with magic. Sound Gallery – Tsviets
40 – Unlimited DG Melee it at M-10. Art Gallery – Tsviets Red
41 – Drumline Located at map coordinate J-2. Shoot it. Character Viewer – Tsviets
42 – Two-Handed Located at K-6. Hit it with magic. Sound Gallery – Omega
43 – Cait Versus the Empowered Melee it at K-8. Art Gallery – Omega
44 – Deepground Shoot it at J-8. Character Viewer – Omega
45 – Stronghold Impervious Early in the mission, near the mounted machine gun, look up. Blow it up at H-8. Extra Mission – An Invitation to Illusion