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Gun Frames

Gun Frame WT POW SPD RNG Obtain Description
Cerberus 540 60 80 60 Initial equipment Designed for neutralizing close and medium-range targets, this handgun frame is capable of simultaneously firing three rounds of ammunition.
Griffon 1050 25 150 20 In Kalm while assisting the WRO after meeting Azul. Designed for rapidly firing large amounts of ammunition in succession, this machine gun frame has a higher firing rate than most weapons.
Hydra 120 140 65 140 Stage 3, by the stairs in the bar in Edge, accessable by opening the first laser gate. This rifle frame is designed for accuracy and range.
Blast Machine Gun 1350 5 140 20 Stage 10, under the bridge where you are attacked by a pack of Guard Hounds. A specialty machine gun frame. Although low on power, it will knock over any hit by its fire.
Bayonet Rifle 600 150 75 140 Stage 10, behind the laser gate by the machine gun. A specialty rifle frame. Slightly increases the power of melee attacks.
Model Gun 30 1 85 5 Stage 3, after the Protect the Boy stage mission, it is at the end of the stairwell where you find the card key to open the gate to the warehouse. A plastic gun popular among children young and old.
Silver Model Gun 30 2 85 5 Upgrade the Model Gun (only allowed after stage 8) for 15000 gil A well-crafted silver gun often framed and hung over a fireplace.
Gold Model Gun 30 3 85 5 Upgrade the Silver Model Gun for 35000 gil A gaudy gold gun that looks like it belongs in a disco.
Ultima Weapon 30 200 140 110 Upgrade the Gold Model Gun for 200000 gil A powerful firearm crafted to perfection by the world’s finest gunsmith.
Death Penalty 500 500 500 500 Automatically obtained in Stage 12 This weapon is only available when Vincent has regained control of Chaos. Firepower increases as Vincent collects the essence of corrupted life.