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Memory Capsule Locations

Chapter Location Unlocks
1 Before going down the several flights of stairs that lead to the main portion of Kalm, run past the door leading to the stairwell and follow the path to a suitcase. The Memory Capsule is on one of the rooftops. Three Years Later…
1 After passing the second Mako Point, shoot the window directly above the second door on the left to break the glass. The Memory Capsule is inside, though you may have to maneuver your camera a bit to see it. Rosso in Edge, Conversation in the Shadowfox
1 After saving (or failing to save) the girl who was dragged into the transport crate, look in the nearby fountain. The Memory Capsule is in the water. “What’s going on…?”, “Where am I supposed to meet Reeve…?”
1 When you reach the second laser gate of the level (map coordinate H-6), face south, and aim for the boards sticking out from the roof of one of the buildings. Rio, Dance of the Dragonfly
1 After passing through the second laser gate, when you reach the bottom of the stairs just before the exit, look for the Memory Capsule under the stairs, behind the boxes. DGS Raid, Dragonfly Destroyed?
1 After speaking to the WRO solider (the one from whom you can obtain some restorative items), walk towards the alley the WRO soldiers ran down, and aim for the platform on the rooftop. The sniper scope makes this one a lot easier. A Cait in Reeve’s Clothing, Return of the Dragonfly
1 In the open area containing two laser gates, go towards the flames in the alleyway. To get the Capsule, you need to aim through the flames. Enter Shelke, Remodeling
1 At map coordinate I-8, in the passage where you come under attack by sniper fire, take out the enemies, and then jump up onto the ledge. Walk to the end and collect the bullets and then turn and look directly across from where they were. The Capsule is on the rooftop. Death of the Dragonfly, More to Come
2 After the van crashes, look for a waterfall. The Memory Capsule is near the base of the falls. Weiss’s Invocation, “Guard hounds!”
2 After the van crashes, head to the northeast corner of the map. The Memory Capsule is on a ledge across the river. Vincent on the Roof, Dukes of Midgar
2 Walk around the van until you are positioned just above it on the incline. Turn around and face the van. The Memory Capsule is plainly visable underneath the van. “More than I can say for the engine…”, Release the Hounds
3 During the Snipers in Hiding Stage Mission, head toward the northeast portion of the circular area, and aim at the rooftop of one of the far buildings. You’ll need to use the sniper scope to get this Capsule. It can also be obtained while escorting the boy around the walkways on the upper level of the area. Leader of the Pack, Pegasus Rider Here Today
3 While escorting the boy around the walkways in the circular area, just before you reach the ladder, turn and look at the statue in the center. The Capsule is on the scafolding near the green tarp. Pegasus Rider Gone Tomorrow, “A little more amusing than last time.”
3 While escorting the boy around the walkways, go up the ladder, and walk forward a few steps. Turn to the north (your right) and look over at the ledge. Vincent and Shalua – Face to Face, One Last Breath
3 After escorting the boy and obtaining the card key, proceed through the laser gate. Go to map coordinate E-3 and stand beneat the high platform that a sniper was standing on. Face away from the wall and look up into the northeast corner. The capsule is on a small ledge. Survivor, A Boy’s Plea
3 Follow the path to map coordinate I-8, and look for a fenced off area to the east (for reference, there is a door leading to a room with a Shop Machine at the opposite end of the area to the west). The Capsule is behind the fence. DG Sniper, Cry of the Heavy Armored Soldier
3 Near map coordinate H-12, stand on the fallen girders that crisscross the street and look to the southeast using the sniper scope. The Capsule is beyond a fence at the far end. Fall of the Heavy Armored Soldier, Rosso Versus Chaos
3 During the Chapter 3 boss fight, run to the stairs and climb to the upper level. Take out the snipers up there, and then the two soldiers down on the ground. The Capsule is in the rafters near the far end of the room. Friend of Foe?, Lucrecia’s Grotto
4 On the top level of the main area, stand next to the elevator and use the sniper scope to look at the skylight towards the far end of the room. Nightmare, Welcome to the WRO
4 After following Azul through the door on the ground floor, in the hallway where you get the Power Cross, turn and face the west end of the hallway. The capusule is near the ceiling lodged behind a pipe. Azul and Shelke, Assault on Headquarters
4 Near the ceiling on top of a pipe at map coordinate K-13. A Request for Assistance, Shalua’s Moves
4 In the room right before the final Shop kiosk, near the ceiling on top of a pipe, above the stack of boxes. “Take that!”, Azul’s Grin
5 Directly behind you in the low tunnel, just as the stage begins. Ten Year Reunion, Sweat Dreams Shelke
5 At the second mako point in the sewers, climb up to the ledge above the mako point and face north. The capsule it on a pipe near the ceiling. Azul Returns, Azul Defeated…?
5 Beyond the second laser gate in the sewers, kill the enemies who ambush you and get the card key, then look up at the ceiling. The capusle is in a large shaft above you. Separate Paths, Sahagin Sewers
5 Behind the half-open door in the northeastern corner of the room after exiting the sewers. Aim for the side platform on the right side using the sniper scope. Memories af Lucrecia, Cait Falling
5 After the cutscene with Lucrecia, go to the room on the left. The capsule is in the fallen bookshelf. Solid Cait, “The same container I saw in Kalm!”
5 In the hallway that connects to the underground area near the ceiling at map coordinate C-8. “My brother…Omega…”, The Chronicles of Yore
5 In the northeastern corner room after climbing the spiral staircase, stand on the small table next to the window, shoot out the lower window panes and look down. Rosso Returns, Black Widow
5 In the main room of Shinra Manor, at the edge of the big hole in the ceiling. The Beginning of the End, The Jenova Project
6 At the beginning of the stage, on one of the falled tree trucks to the west. That is My Sin…, Transformation into the Beast
6 Near the pool of water at map coordinate L-13, embedded in the north hillside. “I’m so sorry…”, The One and Only Yuffie Kisaragi
6 From the cliff overlooking the enemy camp, aim for the top of one of the high cliffs to the south. Sisterly Love, Shadow fox Grounded
6 Inside WRO headquarters, in the first area with the tall towers, aim near the top of the left tower. Snipe it while standing south of the tower. Incoming Transmission, Web of the Black Widow II
6 Inside WRO headquarters, in the first area with the tall towers, aim near the top of the left tower. Snipe it while standing north of the tower. Black Widow II Destroyed, Goodbye Shalua
6 While standing near the Mako Point by the laser gate (map coordinate F-5), aim down into the water with the sniper scope. The capsule is at the base of one of the supports. Picnic, Shelke’s Proposition
6 Run across the the bridge from the from map coordinate F-5 and snipe the capsule on the opposite side of the river, about halfway up the hillside. The End of the WRO?, Whose Fault?
6 On the right side of the roof of the building with the spolights moving behind it. “Vincent! Long time.”, Eggs for Breakfast
6 The area with the waterfalls in the walls, face west and aim at the second waterfall from the far end. “Hey!!! Over here!!!”, Cid’s Fleet
6 Inside the building after the boss fight, in the first area with the WRO and Deepground soldiers fighting. Stand in the southwest corner and aim at the broken bridge in the middle near the back of the room. A More Detailed Briefing, “You just remind me of your sister.”
8a In the first area of the stage at map coordinate H-9, face northwest and aim at the watchtower. And the Meeting Begins, Cloud and Company
8a In a gap between crates where the cowardly WRO soldier is hiding. Synaptic Net Dive… Start, The Cosmos
8a At the gate just before you meet up with the WRO commander, stand in front of the gate and face west. The capsule is in a gap between the boxes and the wall. “Why, those conniving…!”, Something for Someone You care About
8a After meeting up with the WRO commander, go into the train maze and aim up at the tower with the sniper on it at J-11. Just Like Old Times, “They attacked Wutai as well.”
8a Under a train car to the southeast at H-8 “Number 5 is alive!”, Chaos out of Control
8a In the area where you must rescue more WRO, the capsule is to the south at D-10 on top of the barrels between the wrecked trains. “Okay dogs!”, Tsviets in Waiting
8a From the Mako Point at G-7, face north and aim at the roof of the building. Yuffie and the Boys, A Present from Shelke
8a At J-7 inside the train station, face south and aim up at the bridge. Attack on Midgar, A Few Klicks Off Target
8a In the area where you found the Deepground commander, the capsule is underneath one of the wrecked train cars. WRO Squad Rendezvous, “Just don’t get in my way.”
8b At the very begining, immediately turn south and aim at the metal girders in the distance. Born in the Slums, WRO commander
8b After the mounted machine-gun at M-5, the capsule is in the gap between the train car and the wall. A Lone Survivor, Fire from the Sky
8b Stand in front of the elevator that is blocked by a laser gate, facing away from the gate, and aim up and to the right. Shrikes Down, Final Confrontation with Rosso
8b While in the second elevator, the capsule will be on top of a light as the elevator rises. “Why they call me the Crimson.”, Rosso in the Moonlight
8b In the room where you face Rosso, look up at the walkway on the western wall. You can get this one before triggering the boss fight. Visions of Lucrecia, Nero Versus Shelke
9 Before you enter the building, go to the far left and look through the large grate. Widows in Waiting, Black Widow TW Offline
9 Standing on the third floor by the stairs you came up at D-5, aim for the southeast corner. Call for Vincent Valentine, Waiting at the Bottom
9 Behind the wire mesh at I-8 The True Azul, “More a beast than I.”
9 After the battle against the two Black Widow TWs, make your way to the bride. The capsule is on another bridge off to your left. Lucrecia and Chaos, The Door Opens
9 While on the elevator in the circular shaft, the capsule is on one of the floors you pass as you move down. Mako Reactor from Afar, DG Elite
10 From the beginning of the level walk all the way to the end of the platform, and aim to your left. The Call of Darkness, Shelke in the Night
10 At map coordinate L-6, face northeast and aim high on the large structure. Grimoire and Lucrecia, Lucrecia’s Failure
10 In the room after the first Mako Point, aim down into the pit to the east from the door you entered through. Rest in Peace Doctor, Young sisters
10 In the first room you fight the soldiers who are immune to bullets, stand near the gate that was blocking the exit, face the door leading to the next room, and look down into the pit. Forgotten Tears, Nero the Sable
10 In the room with the shop kiosk, go down to the bottom level, stand in front of the ladder, face east, and aim up at the underside of a high platform. Indestructible, Into the Oblivion
10 In the room where they shoot at you through the ceiling, as soon as you enter, aim up and to the right. Yuffie Returns, Shelke in the Laboratory
10 In the room you end up in after the railcar ride, go to the back of the room and face the big hatch with the Shinra logo and aim down below the rail. “Why didn’t you tell me!?”, Shelke Slumbers
10 Stand where the box with the handgun bullets was (near the shop kiosk on the broken bridge) and aim at the rooftop to the west. The Dragonfly Rises, The Dragonfly Falls
10 Stand at the end of the broken bridge where the shop kiosk is, face east, and aim down. Back Together Again, Weiss’s Pulse
10 After passing through the area with lots of laser gates, drop down to K-11 and face northwest. The capsule is next the the chimney on a nearby house’s roof. Enter Arachnero, Battle in the Dark
10 At I-7, face northeast and aim up at building near the chimney. A Fate Decided, Weiss Reborn
10 Stand next to the gate where to men with rocket launchers jump out at you and face north. The capsule is in the gap between the buildings. Overpowered, Take Control
10 At D-10 behind the huge grate blocking off the waterway. Chaos Awakes, Weiss’s Last Breath
10 Before crossing the bridge where you fight several enemies while trapped between two laser gates, go to E-3 and aim north, at the top of the water. “We did it!”, Omega Takes Form
10 At I-9 in the area with the mounted machine gun and two laser gates, go all the way north onto the broken bridge and aim northwest, under the collapsed overpass. Commencing Final SND, “Take this…”
11 In the first Defeat the Gargoyles room, stand on the Mako Point and aim up at the ring high on the tower in the center Lucrecia’s Decent, Battle Over Midgar
11 In the room with the Mako Point and the bugs, climb up to the platform with the limit breaker on it and aim down and to the left. “Sorry about the wait.”, Invasion
11 In the room where the soldier attacks you with the mounted machine-gun, face south to see the capsule. Through the Membrane and Beyond, Almost There
11 In the room where you must kill a swarm of bugs for a card key. Stand in front of the laser gate, facing away from it and aim up at the ceiling and to the right. Free at Last, To the Final Stage
11 In the room with the platform that rises out of the center. Go to the barrels on the right side as you enter the room. The capsule it inside the top of one of them. You will have to jump and shoot to get it. First Encounter-Crystal Feelers, Second Encounter-Omega Cocoon
11 Behind the mesh on the ceiling just as you enter the room before you fight Dragonfly PT Third Encounter-Omega Weiss, The Death of Omega Weiss
12 Near the beginning of the stage, after you jump into the large tube, move towards J-11 and aim northwest. A Finale Chaotic
12 View the hidden ending first, then play through stage 12 again. After you exit the large tube, go towards L-14 and face southeast. The capsule is below Omega’s wing. “G”