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What’s For Sale?

The format of the auction is this: the auctioneer will put up four items for bid at a time, and when the four items are gone, he will call for a short break. The auction begins again when you leave and return.

The four items that are sold do not seem to be 100% random – certain pieces of equipment do not seem to be available until certain segments of the game. The Key Items (see table below) can be sold at any time, as long as you do not have it in your inventory.

Once an item is sold to you, it is taken off the sale block. (It may reappear if you happen to rid your inventory of that item.) The only exceptions are the Magician Robe, Fairy Earrings, Madain’s Ring, and Pearl Rouge, which are “placeholder” items just to make the auction look busy while they have nothing else to sell you. The auction will never close.

Items For Sale

Item Name Type Beginning Price Price Range 1st Available
Griffin’s Heart Key Item 1000g 4600g – 6000g Forever
Doga’s Artifact Key Item 1400g 8500g – 21200g Forever
Une’s Mirror Key Item 2200g 11100g – 14000g Forever
Rat Tail Key Item 3300g 20100g Forever
Mini-Cid Key Item ? 3400 Forever
Magician Robe Body Armor 1200g 5300g – 7100g Forever
Fairy Earrings Add-on 1400g 6700g – 9700g Forever
Madain’s Ring Add-on 1300g 8500g – 11600g Forever
Pearl Rouge Add-on 2500g 13800g – 17100g Forever
Reflect Ring Add-on ? 15900g Forever
Thief Gloves Wrist Armor ? 35000g Disc 3
Anklet Add-on 2500g 11200g – 17000g Disc 3
Feather Boots Add-on 2600g 17400g – 17000g Disc 3
Dark Matter Add-on 2700g 16000g Disc 3
Promist Ring Add-on 2700g 16000g Disc 3
Magical Fingertip Key Item 8900g 51800g – 59700g Disc 4
Ribbon Add-on 12400 40100g – 81500g Disc 4

What To Do With Key Items

Most of the Key Items you buy at the auction can be sold to other residents of Treno. If you talk to these residents, they will express an interest in an item and offer to buy it. Most of them will also offer to buy it from you at a higher price if you refuse their first offer. This second offer is the highest they will go, though, so if you refuse their second offer (in hopes of getting an even better third offer, maybe), they won’t buy it from you anymore. However, if you exit the screen and return, talk to them again and they will re-offer to purchase your item.

Griffin’s Heart

This item can be sold to the Adventurer wandering outside the Bishop’s House. He’ll offer to buy it from you for 8000 gil. If you refuse, he’ll then offer 10000 gil.

Doga’s Artifact

The Scholar standing in the Synth shop inside the Bishop’s House will offer 10000 gil for this item. He will make no second offer, and if you refuse, you do not need to exit the screen to get him to ask again.

Une’s Mirror

A Nobleman walking past the Bishop’s House will offer to buy the Une’s Mirror for 12000 gil. Decline his first offer for a second offer of 15000 gil.

Rat Tail

The same Adventurer outside the Bishop’s House who buys the Griffin’s Heart will also buy the Rat Tail. He’ll offer 20000 gil first; decline for a second offer of 25000 gil. If you have the Griffin’s Heart, but have not yet sold the Griffin’s Heart to him, you need to sell it before he asks for the Rat Tail.


The one Key Item that is not sold to a townsperson. This is because it is a part of a set of mini “action figures” that you can collect at various parts of the game…

Magical Fingertip

The only Key Item that is not available until Disc 4, the Magical Fingertip is attributed to a mysterious man named Gogo who is said to have the ability to make life-like dolls. An old man in Daguerreo (he is standing near the guy who lets you rest for 100 gil) wants to fingertip so he can create a doll of his late wife. In return for this item, he will give you the Excalibur, one of Steiner’s best weapons.

Any item that you sell becomes available on the sale block again, in case you ever want it back for any reason. You cannot resell these items to the townspeople, however. They become yours to keep forever.

If you either the Une’s Mirror or Doga’s Artifact in Disc 4, you can go to the Black Mage Village and a Black Mage standing by the record player in the Inn will play a song from Final Fantasy III (Japanese, not U.S., title) called “Let Me Know The Truth”.

Dark matter

Can be used in the battle doing 9999 damage to enemies,and can be used to learn Summon Odin.