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Getting Beatrix

What You Need if You Want Her

  1. An Action Replay device (Gameshark, Goldfinger, etc)
  2. An On/Off Switch on the device (Game Shark CDX will not work)
  3. Most likely a PlayStation dated Before 1999 (to support Action Replay)
  4. Final Fantasy IX (Japanese or North America editions)
  5. The appropiate Action Replay code for your device

Pick Your Code

  • Japanese Game/Action Replay (or compatable) :: 801F4736-0208
  • American Game/Action Replay (or compatable) :: 301F4761 00FF + 301F4761 0008
  • American Game/Game Shark :: E01F4761 00FF + 301F4761 0008

The Method

  1. Enter the appropiate code into your device
  2. Start your saved game
  3. When you appear, immediately save again
  4. Do not go to the menu screen nor get into a battle
  5. Turn off the Gameshark and reset (L1, L2, Start, Select)
  6. Go back into your saved game and into the party screen
  7. You should now have all nine slots filled, one for you-know-who

Mastering Beatrix

Stuff to Remember

  • She is at Level 20, so start building up her levels
  • She already has all her abilities and cannot learn more
  • She has the Save-the-Queen permanately equippped
  • Since she cannot use Support Ability, equip armor that has abilities in them
  • She has two abilities with useful techniques and magic


  • Her face doesn’t appear on the Load Game screen, harmless
  • She cannot de-equip the Save-the-Queen (without Action Replay)
  • However she is the only player who can use the Save-the-Queen
  • She cannot use Support Abilities, yet has Magic Stones
  • She has no Trance attack or Trance Bar
  • Using her to fight some battles (especially Necron!) will freeze the game

Beatrix’s Abilities

Beatrix’s Holy Sword Tech

  • Thunder Sword – Level 3 Lightning + Elemental sword attack (24 MP)
  • Stock Break – Strong sword atack (26 MP)
  • Climhazzard – Ultimate damage to all enemies (32 MP)
  • Shock – Ultimate damage to one enemy (46 MP)

Beatrix’s Holy White Magic

  • Cure 2 – Heals more HP (10 MP)
  • Life – Restores a dead ally without much HP (8 MP)
  • Life 2 – Restores a dead ally with full HP (24 MP)
  • Esuna – Removes bad status except Freeze, Zombie, or Virus (20 MP)
  • Silence – Target cannot use magic (8 MP)
  • Reflect – Spells cast on target bounce to another target (6 MP)
  • Blind – Target cannot see and may miss when attacking (6 MP)
  • Holy – Level 3 Holy :: Elemental damage to target (36 MP)