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Card Basic

Describing Tetra Master is actually more complicated than playing it! When the card game begins, you must select five cards to play. You can’t play the game unless you have at least five cards. You should choose cards based on the number of arrows they have, and by the statistics shown on the card.
After selecting five cards, a 4×4 grid appears. Anywhere from 0 to 6 tiles on the game table can be blocked off, preventing you and your opponent from placing a card there. A coin toss determines whether you or your opponent goes first.


  1. When you win a card battle, you also automatically capture any card to which the captured card’s arrow point.
  2. Use the strategy of leaving down a weak card with multiple arrows next to a strong enemy card. The weaker card loses, but on your next turn you can defeat your precious card in a card battke and easily capture the strong card as well

Combo Attacks

When a card is captured in a battle, that card will then capture any cards at which its arrows point to. This is called a “Combo,” the art of capturing multiple cards at once. Mastering combos is key to winning the card game. A card with many arrows, while being very versatile, is also more vulnerable to counter combo-attacks.

Card Inventory

You can view your catalog if cards at any time by selecting the Card option from the Main Menu. You can never carry more than 100 cards. You should always discard weaker cards in the hopes of finding stronger or “rare” cards. A weaker card is one that has few arrows and low stats.

If you end up with more than 100 cards after a game of cards, you must throw away cards of your choice until you have 100. If you want to collect all 100 cards, you can only carry one of each.

Rare Cards

For example, you can only collect the Namingway Card during Disc 3 in two different places. The easiest place is behind the stack of books in Kuja’s room inside the Desert Palace. The only other way to find the card requires some effort. When your party returns to Treno for the Card Tournament, during the ATE ” How He Ended Up Here” choose to have Vivi stay in Treno. A new ATE will become available shortly, entitled “Hippo’s Prize.”

Watch this event, and the Namingway card will appear randomly during the second round of the card tournament prior to the attack on Alexandroa. This is the one with a function. If you talk to the Guy Doin Research in the library at Daguerreo, he will become inspired to rename any of the characters in your party.

Card Master

In the stage of the game called “Memoria,” exclamation marks appear over Zidane’s head in various corners and niches. If you press the X button to examine these areas, Zidane will shake his head in confusion. These ares indicate where you can battle a Card Master’s ghost. Press the Square button to initiate a card battle with a ghost. You can obtain mnay rare cards in this manner.

Collector’s Rank

As you collect cards, you gain prestige as a Tetra Master player. This is measured by your Collector’s Rank, a number between 0-1700 that is viewable in the Card menu.

To get the maximum number of collector’s points, you must collect or capture one of every card type, and each card must have a unique arrow arrangement. You must also play with each card enough times until they all level up to attack type A.

Card Tips

The player’s Collector’s Rank goes up a little when his or her card’s attack type levels up. Raising the card’s numeric values has no effect on Collector’s Rank. Also, the stat that was used in a card battle (Physical Attack, Magical Defense, etc.) is more likely to level up, but some cards’ stats level up faster or slower than others. A few cards have stats that cannot increase at all, like any of Frog’s stats, or Lindblum’s attack stat.