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Knowing your basic controls in the game is important, including if your new at Final Fantasy games. Almost every Final Fantasy game has the same controls buttons to move or get to the menu and etc. Knowing how to move your row can be important, it can cause you to lose if you dont know who goes where. Knowing you how to fight in battle is very important. This battle system page will help you alot.


Button Result
Circle Confirm
X Cancel
Triangle Switch to next ready characters,when the ATB gauge is full
Square Hold down to clear menu
L1 & R1 Select single/multiple targets
L2 Turn the target window on/off
Start Pause
Select Turn on/off help menu



ATB stands for ACTIVE TIME BATTLE. Time during battle is managed by the ATB system. There are 2 ATB modes,active and wait.You can select them in config menu.

ATB mode


Always real time, time never stops during the battle.


Time stops while you selecting magic and items.

  • If you’re a beginner, I think you should choose “Wait”. Active mode is more for advanced players.

Damage Point

Numbers and details pop up during the battle whenever your HP and MP change. Numbers appears in 2 different colors ::White and Green.

Example Description/Important
9999 HP Change
White numbers indicate damage
Green numbers indicate HP recovery
9999 MP MP Change
White numbers indicate loss
Green numbers indicate MP recovery
Miss When attack misses
Critical When you deal greater damage than usual
Death When you get KO’d
Guard When status attacks and elemental attacks have no effect


The order option involves not only the line up,but also the battle position.There are 2 battle positions :: Front and Back row.

Row Desription
Front Row You can deal big damage with attack,but you can also receive big damage from attacks.
Back Row You can only deal a small damage with attack,but you receive less damage from attacks.


You can change this settings with the order option.You can also switch between the Front and Back row during the battle,by selecting “CHANGE”.If you use magic or long-range weapons,you can deal just as much damage from the back row as you can from the front row.In tough battles,adjusting battle positions might save your character’s life