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100% Completion Guide – Chapter 4

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 1.8% – TOTAL: 61.4%

  1. Watch Crimson Report 2 and Crimson Report 3 at Shinra’s station.
  2. Rest in Cabin.


  1. View the Besaid Island CommSphere and speak to Wakka.
  2. View the Kilika Island CommSphere and speak to Dona.
  3. View the Mushroom Rock Road CommSphere and Speak to Yaibal.

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 0.8% – TOTAL: 63.0%

  1. Ride the elevator to the Deck and speak with Paine.


  1. View the Besaid Island CommSphere seven times and watch the scenes with Wakka and Beclem.
  2. View the Kilika Island Temple CommSphere and speak to Barthello.
  3. View the Luca CommSphere and watch all of Shelinda;s interviews.
  4. View the Mi’ihen Highroad CommSphere and view all the areas to gather evidence so that Rikku or the Chocobo Eater is the culprit.
  5. View the Djose Temple CommSphere and watch the first scene where the Al Bhed technician approachs the CommSphere.
  6. View the Guadosalam CommSphere; Yuna speaks to Ormi.
  7. View the Thunder Plains CommSphere and capture the chocobo with the Choco-Porter contraption.
  8. View the Macalania Woods Entrance CommSphere and the musicians appear and speak.
  9. View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere and O’aka laments the poor business.
  10. View the Bikanel Desert Camp Area CommSphere and speak to Nhadala.
  11. View the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch CommSphere until you see Clasko telling the chocobo, “You’re a good boy, aren’t you?”.
  12. View the Mt. Gagazet Mountain Gate CommSphere and speak with Kimahri.
  13. View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere and witness the scenes involing Tobli, Buddy, O’aka, Isaaru, Elma & Lucil, Maechen, Cid & Nhadala, and Dona.

MOONFLOW: + 0.8% – TOTAL: 68.2%

  1. Mission Complete!(Chase Tobli around the Moonflow to the entrance of Guadosalam)

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 1.0% – TOTAL: 69.2%

  1. Rehearse for Thunder Plains concert.


  1. View the Besaid Island CommSphere scenes involving Beclem and Lulu.
  2. View the Kilika Island Port CommSphere scenes involving Dona.
  3. View the Kilika Temple CommSphere scenes involing Barthello.
  4. View the Mushroom Rock CommSphere scenes involving Lucil and Yaibal.
  5. View the Moonflow CommSphere scenes involving Elma.
  6. View the Guadosalam CommSphere scenes where Ormi speaks about the concert.
  7. View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere scene where O’aka leaves for the concert.
  8. View the Zanarkand Ruins CommSphere scene with Isaaru.

THUNDER PALINS: + 0.4% – TOTAL: 72.0%

  1. Mission Complete!(Clear the fiends out of the cave and Defeat Zalamander)

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 1.0% – TOTAL: 73.0%

  1. Listen in on the crowd’s argument.
  2. Talk to Tobli to start the concert and watch the YRP scene that follows.

THUNDER PLAINS: + 0.4% – TOTAL: 73.4%

  1. Yunapalooza

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 2.2% – TOTAL: 75.6%

  1. Speak to Maechen on the Bridge.
  2. Speak to Leblanc in the Engine Room.